Staci's Shining Stars

June 2015

A Message from Me...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you know that our fiscal year with Thirty-One was over in May? Do you know that "Staci's Shining Stars" (yes, YOU!) sold over $145,000 last year? I am so proud of each and every one of you!

So...have you thought of your "I WILL" statement? What do you want out of your business?

Do you want to get just one extra party a month? Do you want to double your sales? Do you want to earn some free products? Do you want to share the love for Thirty-One and grow your team? There are so many things that I want to achieve this fiscal year! How about you???

I am going to keep repeating this saying...what you get out of your business depends on what you put into your business!

Make it a great month!

xoxo, Staci

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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts and the Shining Stars Team!!!




Entire Downline Sales - $11,411.00

Active Consultants - 33

# of States - 9

Number of Parties - 23

Same time previous year:

Entire Downline Sales - $10,028.50

Active Consultants - 27

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 22

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Woot Woot!

Today I registered for our Better Together meeting in August! I’m soooo excited! This meeting will replace our Celebrate and Connect meeting that we’ve had in the past and all of you lovely ladies are invited to attend!

This meeting will be slightly different than previous meetings…While we will definitely still celebrate and connect with each other, this meeting is really focused on training and getting you ladies set up to make the most out of your business and earn your biggest paychecks yet! WOOOOT!

While there won’t be an amenity for attending this meeting, we will have the opportunity to get over $600 in FREE products in our hands over the next few months! More info on that coming — but seriously, how awesome is that!?! $600+ in free products. I DARE you to find another company that offers you that! Ha!!!

Don't forget to register for a meeting near you...registration begins on June 24th.

Ready, Set, Sell & Fall Add-On Kit

Please be on the lookout for ways to earn FREE products from the Fall catalog! Now is the time to start planning your strategy because let's face it...who doesn't love FREE?!?

I will send info out next week on my annual Firecracker Frenzy that I plan to do at the very end of this month to boost my sales for early July! I'm sooo excited! You won't want to miss out on this!!!!

Don't forget to check the Business Update section on ThirtyOneToday often! From shipping status to inventory updates...even stop sell items - the Business Update section has all the information you are looking for!!! Let me know if you need help finding this!
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National Conference in July 2015!

I can't even believe that next month is conference already! Whether you are going to Denver or are in for the time of your life! I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this year!!! You never know with Cindy and Scott!!!!


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My Personal Stats - May

  • My PV - $5,353.00
  • Number of Parties - 8
  • Number of Recruits - 0
  • 25% Commission (and my paycheck had I not chosen leadership) - $1,338.25
  • Total Paycheck as a Director - $1,680.58