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Week 35 - Try Something NEW Week and more...

I'm asking EVERYONE to try something NEW in their classrooms (or whatever environment you role dictates) this week and experimenting with it till the end of the year - no worries if its a big failure or big success - just play with the NEW idea - who knows - it could be your NEXT BIG THING or the failure of it may teach you something that leads you to success :) Think small things for big change...all things encouraged!


  • Tweet what you are trying NEW or have recently started
  • Tweet a selfie with a NEW transfer and 1 cool fact about them (the 2 of them are coming Wednesday at faculty meeting - lets freak them out with the tweet love - after all - we are different and that's why folks flock to be here! :)
  • Tweet any Makerspace stuff
  • Tweet any response to articles

  • Tweet Free my friends - lets continue to shatter status quo and traditional norms

On the Topic of New Folks :)

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34th Week In Review...

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My Favorite NEW KID moment from the 80s

Wax On...Wax Off...Classic 80s