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Social learning creates opportunities for improved efficiencies to reach customers, partners, and employees globally. Social learning empowers employees to work together across geographic boundaries. Professional learning is an ongoing process. An example of software to create training courses for eLearning and social learning is iSpring Authorizing Tool. iSpring can be used to upload PowerPoint presentaitons,•Training Manuals•Surveys•Quizzes“To create and deliver your PowerPoint training courses online, convert PowerPoint to SCORM using iSpring's authoring software” (iSpring Official Site, 2015, p. 1)
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Social Learning Can Be Leveraged in Adult Education and Training

Illustrated by the graphic below are tools used for social learning that leverage adult education and training. Social learning provides greater learning opportunities, access to information, engaging others, conducting research, and acquiring knowledge.

•Provides quick access to information (domestic and global)

•Engage others for collaboration

•Provides ongoing learning for professional development

•Conduct research

“The new social learning provides people at every level, in every nook of the organization, and every corner of the globe, a way to reclaim their natural capacity to learn non-stop” ( Bingham, 2010, p. 6).

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Outline of How To Develop Training on Social Learning

Examples of how the social learning component applies to professional development in a working environment.

•Facebook is used for social networking and to promote products and services

•YouTube is excellent for creating and accesing training videos

•Prezi is a great tool for file sharing

•iSpring for sharing training presentations

•iTunes is used for podcasting

•Twitter is great for microblogging

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Demonstrate Professional Learning Through Social Environments

Global organizations need skilled workers to continually grow in knowledge gained from social learning tools. In a technology driven era, professional learning is impotant in areas listed below:

•Creating training presentations•Use presentation tools to upload in Webinars•PowerPoint or Prezi•Use authorizing tools to upload traning presentations•Use YouTube to create training videos•Weebly to create a video and presentation library

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