My stories about perserverance

This smore was created by Stephanie Witkovich

Shadow on the mountain-Kjell and Espen's story

Kjell and Espen were just two best friends until World War 2 was in progress Kjell was convinced that the Germans were the good guys and then joined the German forces. Meanwhile Espen is on Norway's side and is a spy that delivers newsletters to people all over Europe. They say things about the Germans that if he gets caught he could be executed. Kjell is trying to get espen to join the Germans because he wants to be best friends but Espen won't go because he was reading newsletters that reveal secret information about the Nazi's. Espen showed perseverance when he agreed to be a spy and deliver newsletters even though it could cost him his life. He face a huge adversity when he was on a train ride. He had the newsletters in his bag as he was getting off the train. Then he saw that they were checking bags. But thankfully there was an old women who was willing to carry his bag through the doors. They didn't check the bag and later on he got his bag back from the lady and got out without any trouble. So because of Kjell's actions he could have costed Espen his life.

Oscar from spare parts- Cause and Effect

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The girl who was supposed to die- Katie's Struggle for survival

Katie or whoever she is, is on the run from two people who want her dead. She thankfully escapes there clutch when she is being dragged into the woods she punches him in the gut and ventures until she reaches the cabin she was being held in. She takes his car and drives away. Later on she arrives at a police station asking for help. But before she knows it she is locked into the back of the cops car. Little does he know that along with escape she fought the kidnapper off and she killed him. But she took everything his phone, his keys, and his gun. She musters up some courage to pull out the gun she took and held it to the cop threatening to shoot if he doesn't do what she asks. He says that she is a mental patient with a mental disease that causes her to have hallucinations that feel more real than reality its self. The cop unlocks the door and she tells him to get in. She takes his keys and locks him in his own car. As she locks him in his car she takes his gun and drives off in her black SUV. She rides down the road until she reaches a small town with a McDonald's. She enters the McDonald's and gets in line. She gets her food and sits down at a booth she gets a napkin and starts to right down what could lead to her remembering who she is and why she is in this mess. She falls asleep at the booth she was sitting at and sleeps until closing, and only the cashier remained, his name is Ty. Ty read her napkin and asked her what happened but she didn't remember. She goes to the bathroom to wash her hands and then she hears voices three of them. She hears Ty's voice but she also hears two others they were asking for her. She stays in the bathroom and pulls out the gun and is not afraid to shoot. So because of Ty's actions Katie is safe and away from the bad guys.

Abraham Lincoln-His road to success

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Cane's Arcade- Cane's struggle for success

Cane is an eight year old boy who was sitting at his dad's car repair shop. Being too young to help with the cars he decided to make a cardboard arcade game. He open up shop right at the front door of the shop and sat out front. He offered the chance to play his game but no one seemed interested.

But a man was walking by saw and heard that cane made his own arcade. He saw that cane hasn't had a single customer all day. So he decides to play a few of his hand made games.

The man was amazed by cane's creativity he decided to make a movie about cane's arcade, but before he did that he made a shout out on all of the social medias about cane's arcade, and people flew all around the world just to play is hand-made cardboard video games.

Cane taught me that even if you falter you can always have resilience and make the best of it, because he didn't have a lot of customers at the beginning but he didn't let that stop him and now he is known world wide.

So as a result cane showed great determination by standing outside waiting for a customer. By doing this he is now known all over the world just because of his determination and sacrifice.

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