The False Prince

By: Nicole Giovannetti

Sparkling Sentences

One of the sentences that really popped out to me was when all the boys were sitting in the carriage and Sage tried to escape, Cregan ( a guard) hit Sage with the flat of his sword and said "Connor doesn't need all of you, he only needs one." Another sentence that stood out to me was "I cant deny there's danger with my plan, if we fail, there will be terrible consequences, but if we succeed the rewards are beyond your imagination." One of the other sentences that stood out to me was when connor wanted to know the boys better and asked "You and an opponent are engaged in a sword battle. Its meant to be a fight to the death, but its clear that hes better than you are. Do you fight on, knowing you will likely die or stop the battle and beg for mercy?" "beg mercy...then when my opponent lowers his guard certain of his victory, id finish the battle" replied Sage. The first sentence stood out to me because the quest is super secret so the sentence is saying the not all boys will be chosen only one will and the rest will...(ill let you ponder on that one.) The second sentence stood out to me because Connor the headmaster of the quest says that if anybody else finds out there will be big consequences, but if nobody finds out and it goes well the rewards are endless, so its saying if the plan goes bad they will suffer and if the plan goes good they will be very much rewarded. The last sentence that stood out to me was when Conner was questioning the boys about the sword battle to the death. Sage said he would beg mercy, then when the opponent lowers his guard he would finish the battle.. that stood out to me because it represents his character, how he is smart but likes to play tricks.

Point Of View

This story is written in first point of view or in Sage's point of view. This impacts the story because if it wasn't in first person point of view, you wouldn't read lots of sage's thoughts which is a very essential part of the story. For example if the book is in Connor's point of view then you would read connor's thoughts like: this boy is a thief, or wow he's smart.


Sage is a poor orphan, when suddenly in attempt to steal a roast from a shop, a noble looking man pays for the roast and adopts Sage from the orphanage, Connor (the noble looking man) does the same with a couple other boys and puts them in training for a mysterious quest, which is said to be very dangerous but the rewards would be endless. Find out if Sage has what it takes to be "the false prince"
The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen