SIGnificant News-Our Final Week

Corbett Preparatory School At IDS

WOW! A Note From the Director

I can't believe that camp has come to a close. What a wonderful three weeks it has been. Lots of smiles, laughs and learning. I have been part of the Florida camps since 2009 and I do believe that this has been the most fun yet! You sure do have a wonderful group of children.

Please take time to enjoy the rest of the summer with your children. I hope that they have a very productive school year.

I hope to see you all back next summer!

Jensina Barnes


Thank You

Our closing ceremony was one of a kind! From rescuing baby peacocks to a twist on Sleeping Beauty. Thank you all for coming and sharing the moment with us!

When we celebrating those students who attended SIG three or more years we forgot our camper Logan Henning. We are sorry that we forgot to call your name. We appreciate you as a learner and have enjoyed watching you grow these past three years.