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How did Cleopatra die? Many say that she was killed herself because the love of her life had died. After she heard the news of her loves death. She was devestated and decided to go with him. She asked her servant to get her some poisonous snakes. He asked her why, she said, " I am not telling you, please just go and get them." Her servant brought up her snakes and 1 hour later he came to check on her. Her body was on the floor with snake bites all over her.

Egyptian Food

Days Open: Monday- Friday

Hours Open: 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM

The food that we offer is Fruits, vegetables, wheats, bread, drinks and deserts

Pharaoh Jewelry

We specilize in every in every piece of jewelry that there is!

Trade Show!

Sunday, April 26th, 8am to Saturday, April 26th 3000 at 7:30pm

Desert Lane

We have people coming from all over the world, just to come to the show. People make inventions and then ring them to the show to advertise them to see if anybody will buy them.

Is this fare that girls do not get education?

Is this fare that girls do not get educated? people say that girls do not have any say! Well, in my opinion girls are the best. In some places only married woman get rights. Most mothers will have to teach them all that they will need to know and also teach them how to do chores around the house. If you are very rich you can hire a tutor to teach your child instead of having their mom teach them!!


BREAKING NEWS!! Hatshesphut had just came up banana! This is a long, curved shaped, yellow fruit. According to everyone who had tried this said the taste was to die for. I really would like to try this fruit. Maybe Hatshehput will not be so bad anymore?

Todays Discovery!!

Hi, I am Akila and I am an archaeologist. I work in the desert of Egypt. I was born in Egypt for my whole life so I decided to do what my mother and father did because sometimes they would take me to their work! Today we found two bodies next to each other with all of their skin! Some of the skin had discoloration, but at least we found the two bodies. They were buried around SIX feet under ground. We think that they are a married couple because one was a man and one was a woman. They also had all of their artifacts that they must of wanted to come to the afterlife with them. Since we had found these we are going to take them back to the lab to take some tests on them. I hope that we will find out more about them.

Weekly Weather

Today forecast is: clear skies with no chance of rain.

Tuesday: partly cloudy 89 degrees with a low of 76 tonight

Wednesday: some light rain with cloudy skies 80 degrees and a low of 70 degrees

Thursday: heavy thunder storms

Friday: Sunny with a high of 90 degrees and a low of 80 degrees

Saturday: Partly cloudy with a high of 95 degrees and a low of 82 degrees

Sunday: Light rain, cloudy, and very HOT! the high is 100 degrees and a low of 94 degrees

Tomb Robbers?

How do tomb robbers get into the Pyramids to find the tombs? We think that they are the ones that build the pyramids because they know how to get into the secret rooms, where the tombs can be found. We were walking around the pyramid to see if the tomb robbers came back. We caught three men taking some of their artifacts from their tomb. We said right away "We finally caught you".