Vincent Van Gogh

The man who loved to paint

At a Young Age

Vincent van Gogh was born march 30,1853 at a very young age, he liked to draw. In school, he did whatever he wanted. He would not follow the teacher directions. He did like to read. His family hoped he would get a good job in an art gallery. When he was 16 his father arranged to get him a job in an art gallery with his uncle.

Young Life

Van Gogh had a troubled life when he lived with his mom and dad. He would get mad and yell at people in different languages. He became poor ,weak, and sick but he still wanted to paint. He worked on paintings but when he sent his paintings to his brother no one wanted to buy them. Vincent never quit even in the very hot and cold. He used very thick pants that took a long time to dry.


When he was 27 he started working as an artist in Holland. He started to draw farmers using pencils. Then he began using oil paints.

Adult Life

When he was 30 he moved to France. He moved into a new house and painted brite yellow sunflowers for his room. He was still sad and depressed and had to spend time in a mental hospital. wile he was in the hospital he still painted. He looked out his window and painted the night sky this painting is ... The Starry Night. Nothing could cure Vincent and he died at age 37 July 29, 1890.
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Vincent Van Gogh by: Eileen Lucas

Artists by: Aim'ee Ergas

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