Passenger Pigeon Untimely Demise

Sean Royster, Juan Trejo,and Ashley Trejo

Passenger Pigeon

A Passenger Pigeon is a wild pigeon that is an extinct North American bird. The female passenger pigeon has a different colored eye than a male's eye the color of the female's eye were white and yellow. The color of a male's eye are also different because a male's eye color is red.

The Untimely Demise

The main reason the passenger pigeon got extinct is because people hunted them. In the 1800's the passenger pigeon was the biggest species of bird in the world. In the 1900's the population reduced. On September 1, 1914 the last passenger pigeon called Martha died. People hunted pigeon for their meat when the people tried to hunt them they got a large number of kills by netting, and torching.

Ashley, Juan, and Sean