By Nora

Cities in Switzerland

Some cities in Switzerland are Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel, st.gallen

Country close to switserland

Some country's close to Switzerland are France, Germany, Austria

The population and religion in Switzerland

The population in Switzerland is 8.081

The religion in Switzerland is mostly Christian 70.8%

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Switzerland national anthem

National Anthem of Switzerland

Switzerland money

The money they use in Switzerland is Swiss franc
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Languages spoken in switzerland

Some famous places in switzerland

Lake Geneva,Swiss alps, Matterhorn, lake Lucerne, Lake Zurich

National food in switzerland

some national and traditional food in Switzerland are Fondue,

Tartiflette, Raclett,they also have a special Swiss bread called Sopz

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Mountains in Switzerland

the names of mountains in Switzerland are, matterhorn, Eiger,Monch

Goverment of switzerland

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