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New Britton Elementary

August 25, 2020

News from Mrs. Mankin

Dear Bulldog Families,

The HSE School Board and Dr. Bourff made the decision this past Friday to have elementary students move to phase 2 of our reopening plan. On Tuesday, September 8th we will start with the assigned red group of students. The assigned blue group of students will begin in-person school on Thursday of the same week. Please see the schedule below to view the 2-week rotation. You should have received a Skylert email on Friday indicating the group assignment for your student(s). When your student is learning virtually (whether in a red/blue group or 100% virtual), he/she will still attend a morning meeting with the teacher and watch video lessons in reading, writing, and math.

As with any change or transition, we may need some extra grace and flexibility as we start this next phase. We have collaborated with both district and building-level team members to ensure that we have thought through the logistics of our HSE Operations Plan (below). We are creating a library of short videos for you to watch with your child regarding some of the changes we are making to promote safety at school. The video below was shared on morning announcements. Please ask your student about how to be safe by wearing a face covering or mask at school.

As always, thank you for partnering with us in education.


Lori Mankin, Principal

Face Covering/Mask Wearing for Safety

Please forward the morning announcement video to 1:01 to view the section about the importance of wearing a face covering or mask while at school.
Bulldog Morning Announcements for 8.24.20

HSE Elementary Schedule - Phase 2

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This past Friday, you received a form in Skyward regarding whether your student will be attending school in person or virtually and if he/she will be utilizing HSE transportation for phase 2. The deadline to complete this form is 12pm on Friday, August 28th. You can find this form by logging into Skyward Family Access, clicking on Online Forms, and then clicking Fill Out Form for the Phase 2 Questionnaire (please note this form is only available for K-4 students at this time). All K-4 families need to complete this form.

If I choose a virtual-only attendance model what does that mean?

  • All virtual-only students will remain with their current teacher.
  • At this time virtual-only attendance is being offered through the current semester.
  • If families elect for their student(s) to be virtual-only, they may return to in-person learning if circumstances change. If a family needs to shift to an in-person model they may change their request by contacting the school principal to determine the appropriate date to make any shifts.
  • In the case of a quarantine of a student, small-group, class or teacher, the teacher or administrator will notify families of potential schedule shifts.
  • Virtual only students will continue to access:
    • Their morning organizational meeting time at 9:00 a.m.
    • Three recorded lessons per day
    • A recorded Related Arts lesson per day
    • An optional live zoom for enrichment or remediation provided by a building specialist
  • The classroom teacher will notify families of schedule changes

Breakfast & Lunch Information - HSE Food Services

You should have received information from Food Services regarding weekly school breakfast and/or lunch ordering and pick-up. If you are interested in more information regarding this opportunity, please review the attached newsletter.
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Snack Attack Program

New Britton Elementary is pleased to announce the Snack Attack program for those students in need. This program, supported by the Fishers Youth Assistance Program, is designed to provide students a little extra nourishment for the weekend until they can receive a hot meal at school on Monday. This program will start once we get back to the building after Labor Day. To participate, please have your student's name to Sherri Leiner by Friday, August 28th. Here's how the program works. Your student will pick up a small sack of food to be taken home over the weekend. The sack is filled with individually wrapped snacks such as granola bars, fruit cups, pop tarts, peanut butter/crackers, Goldfish crackers, etc. The type of snacks will vary each week. Please let us know if your child has a peanut allergy as he/she will receive a special bag of peanut-free snacks.

There is no cost to you or the school. If you are interested in having your student participate in FYAP's Snack Attack or have questions, please contact Mrs. Sherri Leiner, NBE School Counselor at sleiner@hse.k12.in.us or (317) 594-4130 ext. 2087.

Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program

Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program

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Notes from the Nurse

Mrs. Cernero has checked and entered all immunization records into Skyward. If you have a student with missing vaccinations or documentation, she has emailed you. Please check the email addresses you provided to NBE for accuracy. You may also check Skyward to see if your child’s record is marked “out of compliance.” This is now accurate, as she has gone through all the records! Thank you!

If your child has Asthma or a food allergy, Mrs. Cernero emailed or provided you with a Care Plan complete and return to the school.Please bring this completed form and any medication to treat these conditions (i.e. Inhalers, Epi-Pens, or Benadryl) to the NBE clinic prior to the start of phase 2 If you need a copy of the Care Plan, you may find it on the HSE schools website here:

https://www.hseschools.org/services/health under the Services Tab.

If your child will need to take a scheduled medication at school every day, or store an as-needed medication in the clinic, you may also find a Medication Permission Form in the same place on the HSE Schools website here: https://www.hseschools.org/services/health under the Services Tab. Remember any prescription medications should be transported to school in the original prescription bottle, as this serves as the physician’s signature. Please note the clinic no longer has permission to provide Benadryl as an emergency medication. If you wish to have Benadryl available for your child on an as-needed basis, please provide a supply and a permission form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email Heather Cernero at (317) 594-4130 or hcernero@hse.k12.in.us

Student Handbook 2020-21


The office has some of last year's yearbooks that have been paid for, but not yet picked up. Also, extra copies of yearbooks are still available for purchase for $15. Please visit the office Monday- Friday 8:30 am- 4 pm to pick up your yearbook today.
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Technology Support - Mrs. Goodpaster, Tech Specialist

Our Tech Specialist is available via email - just reach out to her at nbetech@hse.k12.in.us if you have any technology challenges or would like to schedule an appointment/help session.

2019-2020 Student Materials

Many students left items here last spring and we would love to reunite them with their items. Art projects, notebooks, folders, supplies, and even some coats. The office hours are 8:30 am- 4pm Monday-Friday for your students to pick up their belongings. Any items not picked up by Wednesday, August 26th will be recycled or donated.

New Britton Elementary School

Mrs. Lori Mankin, Principal

Mrs. Katy Lee, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sherri Leiner, School Counselor


The above schedule is our current, Phase 1 elementary virtual learning schedule. At this point, you should have more specific information from your child's classroom teacher regarding his/her specific small-group times. If you have any questions, please email your student's teacher.