University of Washington

Seattle, WA


Seattle Washington

Programs That Match My Career

Psychology Programs

Law, Societies, and Justice Program (LSJ)

Undergrad Plans

Bachelor's degree:

Major in Psychology

Minor in Law, Societies, and Justice

(Cost: $140,000)

Total cost

Undergrad at UW plus lodging: $197,352

Master's at Walden University (Online): $25,105

Total Cost: $222,457


Scores for ACT or SAT

College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

A completed application

$70 admissions fee

A writing section with

A) A personal statement

B) A short response

C) Activities and ahievements


Number of students: 54,670

Ratio of students to teachers: 12 students per teacher

Fun Things to do

Sylvan Grove Theater


Waterfront Activities Center

Gasworks Park

Burke Gilman Trail

Seattle's Weather

Average annual temperature: 52F

Average annual high temperature: 60.8F

Average annual low temperature: 44.7F

Average annual precipitation: 35.9 in

Average annual number of days with no precipitation: 147

Highest recorded temperature: 80.9F

Lowest recorded temperature: 28.5F

Average annual day length: 12.8 hr

Average annual days above 90F: 3

Average annual days below 32F: 33.1

Average annual snowfall: 5.8 in

Annual average relative humidity: 73.6%

Average annual wind speed: 7.1mph

What's the Geography Like?

Lots of hills

Puget Sound

Lake Union

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I plan to apply for:

Musical scholarships

Academic scholarships

UPS scholarship


FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The FAFSA is due by June 30

During My Next Years of High School

I want to:

Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA

Continue in National Honor Society (NHS)

Take psychology courses


I have already signed up to volunteer at the local library

This volunteer work shows I can

A) Work independently

B) Work with kids

C) Can put items in an organized matter