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October 2019 Newletter

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Attendance at School Matters...Being on time for school is very important too!

Please work with us to instill good habits for your child. School attendance matters and being on time for school can impact your child's day. Each classroom has routines in place to get their day off to a great start. Please work with us to make each and every day a great one from the start!

You may not realize the message you can be giving your child when you plan days off from school. As children gets older, it will become harder for you to reinforce going to school when they want to now stay home for the day.

Our school staff is required to monitor attendance and the school is held accountable for reporting school attendance to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students are considered chronically absent when they miss 10% of the school year. The department of education tracks this information through our student data system.

If your child is reaching an extensive amount of absences, you will be contacted to meet with the principal, adjustment counselor and Lisa Shea from Hingham District Court's STAY Program. Together we will work on a plan to support your child getting to school on time and regularly to school.

Social Emotional Learning; How Parents Can Support Their Child

The Role of Parents

  • Long before children can say their first word or take their first step, they respond to the touch, tone of voice, and moods of their parents. This is the beginning of learning about emotions and relationships. It happens as naturally as their bodies grow and develop.

    ‌By working together, schools and parents can promote children's social and emotional learning. Key SEL skills include:

    • Self awareness‌
      Recognizing feelings and managing anger
    • Understanding others
      Developing empathy and taking the perspective of others
    • Making responsible decisions and following through
      Includes considering long-term consequences of actions
    • Understanding yourself
      Handling emotions, setting goals, dealing with obstacles
    • Building healthy relationships
      Saying no to negative peer pressure, working to resolve conflicts constructively
    • What Can Parents Do?
  • At Home

    Focus on strengths
    Talk about what your child did well before talking about what could be improved.

    Ask Children How They Feel
    This lets your child know that feelings matter and that you care. Use feeling words around your child to explain your own emotions.

    Be Willing to Apologize
    This shows your child how important it is to apologize after hurting someone, physically or emotionally.

    Ask Questions That Help Children Solve Problems on their Own
    For example, “What do you think you can do in this situation?” or “What do you think could happen if you made that choice?”

    Read Books and Stories Together
    Stories can help your child explore how people deal with common issues like losing friends or handling conflicts.

    Choose a Few Responsibilities That Your Child Can Do Successfully at Home, and Encourage Them to Help
    This helps them learn cooperation and responsibility.

  • With Your School

    Focus on the Value of Learning
    Ask what your child learned in school today, but also ask how he or she gets along with other students and how he or she feels about school.

    Create a Positive Learning Environment at Home
    Make regular times and provide a quiet, well-lit place for homework. Work with your child to develop rules for dealing with interruptions, such as phone calls or visitors.

    Set up a School Bulletin Board at Home
    Display the school calendar, newsletters and fliers. Help your child get involved in interesting school activities.

    Help Your Child Set Priorities for School Work
    If your child is struggling, don’t give them the answers to their assignments, but help them work through their issues.

    Adopted from "Ten Things You Can Do at Home" and "Ten Things You Can Do with Your School" by the Committee for Children.

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Please Register with Your Child's Teacher

Memorial Park School is using the Class Dojo App for all communication from teachers to their students' families and from the school office to all families. When you sign up with your child's class, you are automatically connected to the school-wide communication from the school office.

It is important to make sure you stay connected with us to receive any last minute notifications. It is helpful to have the notifications pop up for you too. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher. All messages have a translation feature in any language you may need.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Most teachers have Twitter accounts as well as Class Dojo accounts to share information and exciting things happening in the classroom.

Twitter: You can follow Mrs. Sheehan @mrsjansheehan, Mrs. Russo @MemParkOffice and Mrs. Wilson @jwilson_julie and Memorial Park PAC @memorialparkpac

Facebook: Memorial Park Elementary School and Memorial Park

Check out Tuck In Tuesday Stories Read by Memorial Park Teachers

Instagram: mp_reads

NO School for Students on Monday and Tuesday, October 14th and 15th

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Tuesday, October 15th is a Teacher Professional Development Day

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Our 6 Day Cycle Schedule for Specialists

Monday, September 30: Day 6

Tuesday, October 1; Day 1

Wednesday, October 2; Day 2

Thursday, October 3; Day 3

Friday, October 4th; Day 4

Monday, October 7; Day 5

Tuesday, October 8; Day 6

Wednesday, October 9; Day 1

Thursday, October 10; Day 2

Friday, October 11; Day 3

Monday, October 14; NO SCHOOL- Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 15; NO SCHOOL-Teacher Professional Development Day

Wednesday, October 16; Day 4

Thursday, October 17; Day 5

Friday, October 18; Day 6

Monday, October 21; Day 1

Tuesday, October 22; Day 2

Wednesday, October 23; Day 3

Thursday, October 24; Day 4

Friday, October 25; Day 5

Monday, October 28; Day 6

Tuesday, October 29; Day 1

Wednesday, October 30; Day 2

Thursday, October 31; Day 3 BOOK CHARACTER PARADE!

Friday, November 1; Day 4

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Please consider attending our next PAC Meeting on Friday, October 11th from 1:00 -2:00 p.m.

All families are automatically members of the MP PAC. We would love to have more adults join the group and provide us with new ideas and perspectives. The group works well together to organize extra-curricular activities for our students.
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PAC-Sponsored Fall Dance for MP Students

All MP students in kindergarten through grade 4 are welcome to attend the Fall Dance on Friday, October 18th at 6:00 p.m. Only students are allowed to dress up for this event. We need to know and be able to "see" all the adults in attendance.
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Book Character Parade on Thursday, October 31st!

We do not celebrate Halloween at school, but we do celebrate book characters! The morning of Thursday, October 31st, we will celebrate with a Memorial Park School Book Character Parade! Think of a favorite character from a book you love and dress up like that character! Grade levels 1-4 will parade through the halls of MP at 8:30 to show off their creative outfits. Please bring in a copy of the book your character is from so other students can see some new books to read!

The parade will start at 8:30 for grades 1-4 and kindergarten will parade through the grade 1-4 classrooms at 9:30 a.m.

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#MPRockland #KindnessMP #beanincluder Kindness Awards for September...

Kindergarten: Kaia, Eyezayiah

Grade 1: Ethan, Davi, Hazel, Jennifer, Gabby, Charlotte

Grade 2: Jacob

Grade 3: Nick, Julia, Kareen

Grade 4: Deliah, Isabelle G., Maddie

Memorial Park Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Check out the photos available online to "see" if your child likes what is being offered for breakfast or lunch. Simply click on the bold selection to bring you to the photo and description.

Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Application

It is important to fill this application out as soon as possible so your child does not accumulate a large balance. You may qualify for this benefit, so please fill this application out and return it promptly to school.