Second Grade Activities

There's a storm a brewing!

Upcoming Activities

Well, actually, I hope the storm is DONE brewing! However, we are going to take this opportunity to learn about winter, snow, and everything cold. It is such a fun time of year - I may not think so but the kids do so I'll jump on board and use this opportunity as a spring board for some learning (did someone say Spring???). In addition, we will be completing some special lessons on hundreds day this month and also studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Obviously January is going to be a busy month!


How You Can Help

To make the learning activities a success, I need your help. If you are willing to send in a couple packages of balloons, playing cards (do not have to be new, but they will not be returned), greeting cards (thinking of you, have a nice day; that type), and canned fruit cocktail please let me know. I appreciate your help.