Commercial influences

How commercials influence everyone

snack choices

Commercials tell you that they have the best food or snack choices that are healthy for your children but they really aren't healthy at all
Commercials say that they increase portion sizes and lower prices so that you will want to buy their unhealthy foods for a lower price. Some say it's healthier but it's really not
When children see the commercials for the fun cereal, they want to eat it because it appears to be cool. Teens even see commercials and are influenced to buy what is advertised when the actors in the commercials are famous people and the famous people are enjoying the product and every teen wants to be like their favorite celebrity.

Some Commercials rip you off and make you pay

Some commercials say that you get a free trail but they make you pay for the products anyway before the free trail is over and that is why you need to read about a product before you buy it, especially if it is a new sports drink or protein drink because those drinks could have a lot more in it than you really need