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MST Named a TEA Title 1 Reward School!!

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has identified more than 400 campuses across the state as high-performing and/or high-progress Title I schools for 2014-2015. Title I schools are defined as campuses with a student population of at least 40 percent low-income.

A high-performing reward school is identified as a Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance, as well as the highest graduation rates at the high school level. For 2014-2015, TEA has identified 192 Texas campuses as high-performing.

A high-progress reward school is identified as a Title I school in the top 25 percent in annual improvement and/or a school in the top 25 percent of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps (based on state accountability system safeguards in the 2013-2014 school year). For 2014-2015, TEA has identified 218 Texas campuses as high-progress.

MST is both high performing and high progress! On Thursday morning, along with Dr. Goodson, I accepted this award on your behalf. As I sat with Dr. Goodson, I talked to him about what an amazing group of educators you all truly are. You are passionate about what you do and your kids. You are innovative, dedicated, and it's evident that failure is not an option. You have genuine love for all students and want what's best for them no matter what it takes. Of course, Dr. Goodson agreed and added that it's also the little things that you all do that makes MST special. He mentioned your positive emails that you send and the energy that he feels from each of you. It could not have been a more proud moment!

Thank you for all that you do! Each and every one of you contributed to this recognition!

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It's Fall!

Thank you to Mrs. Pennington and Mrs. Harmon for making our front office look so welcoming and fall-like! :)
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Parent Education Night

What an awesome team of women! This team organized, planned, presented, and helped with child care. Thank you to all these ladies who contributed to the success of our Parent Education Night last Tuesday night. We appreciate you! Emily and I received nothing but positive feedback from parents about the event! Way to go!
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Upcoming Reminders for This Week

  • Monday - Tutoring; Helena, Emily & Sabre at istation training from 8:00-9:00
  • Tuesday- Individual Picture Day (Refer to Nancy's schedule); 5th grade (Barrett), 2nd grade, 4th grade & Kinder Purposeful Questioning planning
  • Wednesday- Report Cards go home; Post lesson plans by 5:00 pm; 6th grade (Boone) and 1st grade Purposeful Questioning planning
  • Thursday- Staff Meeting- GT Refresher; 3rd grade Purposeful Questioning planning
  • Friday- 2:30 School-wide "20" Photo on the back field (see info below)
  • Friday- Richardson High School Homecoming Parade 4:00 pm Feel free to stop by! Kate and I will have a group of MST students participating in the event!
  • Red Folders-Please make sure that you have done your first update to the ELL tracking sheets!
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Istation Coming Very Soon!

As mentioned at our previous staff meeting, we will not be continuing with DIBELS as an assessment tool. RISD has purchased Istation for use as both an assessment tool and an intervention. Istation is a leading provider of computer-adaptive assessments and curriculum for students of all ability levels. Istation can be used as in intervention tool, as a supplement for all students, and as a resource for teachers to differentiate instruction. It also allows for students to work on these skills at home!

The most important thing we are facing in regards to Istation currently is using it for testing our students and ensuring that all students are tested by the end of next week. ISIP is the name of the assessment through Istation. I will send out a separate email to let you know how each grade level will be tested next week. Please be on the lookout for this email as it will contain very important testing information.

I am excited about this change and believe that Istation will meet the needs of our students!


  • Sara Larkin for helping with planning and organizing for the first assembly!
  • Amanda McLeroy and Tanya Camacho for working hard analyzing their students' writing samples and having one on one conferences with them to provide feedback!
  • Stephanie Yeager & all staff who helped to make Parent Education night a success!
  • Sabre Tice for having a positive attitude about IStation training and being ready to support the process AND for saving the day with technology at our training!
  • Nicole Wilson for doing WHATEVER it takes for her kids and having a smile on her face when doing it!
  • Chris Gilley and Kandi Patak for following all safety procedures and doing an AWESOME job supporting a student who fell on the playground last week. Nurse Kim would have been proud!! :)

News From Content Departments


Math Staff Development

6th Grade - October 5 Adding & Subtracting Integers #1905321601 4:30-5:30

1st Grade - October 5 Addition/Subtraction Fact Strategies #2905761602 4:00-6:00

3rd Grade - October 6 Mixed Operations #2905781601 4:30-5:30

1st Grade - October 8 Addition/Subtraction Fact Strategies #2905761601 4:00-6:00

The following sessions have been cancelled. Teachers will get the information on DWD October 12.

2nd Grade - October 7 Addition & Subtraction

5th Grade - October 14 Decimals Operation

6th Grade - October 19 Multiplying & Dividing Integers & Order of Operations


End of Unit Assessments - Grades 3-6 have End of Unit assessments that will be scanned on your campus. For science, these tests should be able to be given during a full science class period. However, please have a plan for students needing a little extra time to finish. There is a “window” of when testing should occur, as well as a deadline for scanning. Teachers have already been sent this information. See below for details. (FYI - Grades K-2 also have end of unit assessments, but we are not asking that these be scanned.)


District Assessment Calendar Update

To meet legislative requirements, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) grades 4 and 7 writing assessments will be redesigned so they can be completed in one four-hour administration. The grades 4 and 7 writing assessments will be administered on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.



Please share with your staff that in the next few days, information about the RISD Sick Leave Bank Enrollment for 2015-16 will be arriving at all RISD locations.

If they have not already done so in past years, employees may join the RISD Sick Leave Bank from October 7th to October 30th this year. Eligible employees (working at least 75% of the day) may become a member of the Sick Leave Bank by donating 3 days from their accrued balance of Local Days. If someone is already a member, it is NOT necessary to donate days again.

For more information on the RISD Sick Leave Bank you can visit Edline. The RISD Sick Leave Bank Handbook is located under “Miscellaneous Documents and Forms”.

New employees working at least 75% of the day, MUST complete a form indicating whether they want to join or not.

Prior employees working at least 75% of the day, MAY complete a form indicating their desire to join the RISD Sick Leave Bank during this enrollment time.

Report Cards Go Home

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 3pm


Staff meeting

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 3:15pm


RHS Homecoming Parade

Friday, Oct. 9th, 4pm

1250 West Belt Line Road

Richardson, TX

MST 20th Celebration & Carnival

Friday, Oct. 16th, 5pm

MST Magnet

5:00-9:00 All staff in attendance. More details to come! We will be needing volunteers for the dunking booth!