Analyzing Viola

By Cierra Briones

Viola's identity

First paragraph

Viola's Gender


Perception of viola

Viola believes that if she was a boy then she can get a job. because at the time girls don't work and a guy has to take care for the girls. So Viola dresses up like her brother to get a job so she has money and can live. but because she looks like her brother she can't tell Orseno that she loves him because he would have taken it the wrong way. "

Similarities and differences between Viola and Me

2 paragraph for same and one for different


Everyone see Viola as her brother and a guy, that is just looking for a job. But she doesn't make it conversing and they think she is a little weird and different. But she still makes it look like she's a guy because she has someone fall in love with her. But in the end when the say who they really are and Viola and her brother find love with the right people that will love them for them. "

shes the man


She sees her self as a strong girl that can do anything she wants and is just as good as any when her school cuts her team she wants to try out for the guys but they said"your a girl your not strong and you'll get hurt"(she's the man). This made Viola mad so she dresses up like her brother and makes a different team and ends up betting them and showing them that she is strong.

Me amd Voila

We are the same because we both had people say we are not good at something because we are girls and should give up. But we are different because she proved her self and made it known that she is strong. And that we can be just as good as boys at playing sports and maybe better then guys. But I gave up unlike her because I let people get to me. We are both strong and know we are good at sports and we are better then some guys.