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October 9, 2022

2022 Homecoming Memories

Homecoming Week Success

Thank you staff, students and families that helped to make this year's Homecoming Week such a fun time. It was great to see staff participate in the theme days and have the students get excited about dressing up as well. Thank you to all the students and parents that came out to the athletic matches throughout the week--our student athletes and coaches appreciated the support. The Homecoming Football game was very well attended, with almost 500 fans in the stands. While the outcome was not what we wanted, it was so powerful to see the bleachers filled and enjoy the sights and sounds of cheering and the community back in the stands at Humboldt!

Quarter 1 Conference Survey

This past Thursday we held conferences at Humboldt. Thank you to all of the families that came out and met with their student's teachers and staff. Our next conference date is set for December 15th, IN-PERSON at Humboldt so please mark your calendars. Below is a survey with questions and we would love to hear from you. We will be sending out the same survey this week, translated into Spanish, Somali, Karen and Hmong about conferences to help us better understand your needs and the needs of your family. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Student Support Services

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Career and College Center

Ms. Rose Yackley in the Career and College Center would like to share information with students regarding upcoming events and how to prepare for college searches, financial aid information and even applying. She has all the tools and is available to students to talk about anything they may have questions or concerns about. She's created this slideshow for you all and is available if students or families have specific questions or needs.

Please read the slides as there are events THIS WEEK!

Ms Rose

(Slides embedded below as well as link)

TRIO Upward Bound

TRIO is recruiting 9th grade students and would like you all to know about the great services they provide our students through their high school career. Please see their flier and contact them if you think this would be a good fit for your student. Flyer below with information and registration information.

Visit our website:

Email: Nou Yang,
Academic Advisor, at

Family Engagement and Community

Communities in Schools

Mr. Colby Owens is representing Communities in the Schools and will update us on resources as they become available. He currently has a clothes and necessities closet that students may use or ask to see in times of need while at school. He also has provided us with the registration for EVERY MEAL, a program which allows us to provide a bag of non-perishables to families that wish to participate. If you have questions let us know and we can get you or your student connected to Mr. Owens.

¿Te gustaría llevarte a casa una bolsa de comestibles no perecederos GRATIS? ¡Escanea el código para inscribirte en el programa de alimentos! Elija entre 5 tipos de bolsas diferentes.

Ma jeclaan lahayd inaad guriga u qaadato bac bilaash ah oo cuntooyin aan baabi'in ah? Sawir koodka si aad isugu diiwaangeliso barnaamijka cuntada! Ka dooro 5 nooc oo shandad oo kala duwan.

Koj puas xav nqa mus tsev ib lub hnab DAWB ntawm cov khoom noj uas tsis muaj kev puas tsuaj? Luam theej duab tus lej kos npe rau qhov kev pab cuam zaub mov! Xaiv los ntawm 5 hom hnab sib txawv.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to an end but here is a wonderful site for articles and art as well as videos. There are so many stories and beautiful traditions that different countries celebrate during this month.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead or All Souls Day) falls after Hispanic Heritage Month but is largely celebrated and honored as part of the month's celebration. While mostly celebrated in Mexico other Spanish speaking countries have also adopted similar traditions and honor their departed with alters and gifts to show their love and remembrance.

Humboldt's Ofrenda(Altar)

We will be creating an ofrenda to honor our loved ones. We invite students and staff to bring in a picture(copy), drawing, item that they'd like to place on our alter for your loved ones. Items may include a trinket or food item or picture of one. Drawings/art are welcome. We will do our best to preserve the alter and keep all items safe and secure but for safety and precaution, no valuables please. Staff will work to create the alter this week and students may begin bringing items next Monday, October 17 to remain on the alter until November 3rd.

Indigenous People's Day, 10/10/2022

In honor of the original people of the land we all live on, tomorrow, Indigenous People's day, Monday Oct. 10th, Mr. Romero, school counselor has organized a Mexica Danza group to come honor the land and ancestors at our school entrance as students arrive at school. Students and families will be greeted with drum and dance.

Also taking place Monday morning, Ms Karen Lacher will be smudging with sage in rm 2505 in honor of Indigenous People's Day. All are welcome. It will be a casual smudge, no specific words or intentions. Your own silent words and intentions are all that is necessary.

Notes from the Office

Attendance Reminder

Consistent attendance is essential for keeping students on track academically. It is important for all students to attend all of their classes every day and arrive and leave school on time. School begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. and dismisses at 3 p.m. We recognize that in order to help all of our students achieve success in school, we also need support from families and the community.

We ask parents and guardians to ensure that your student is attending school every day and to limit absences and early pickups. If your child will be absent, parents/guardians are required to call the school Attendance Line (651-744-5533) or send a note with your child stating the reason for the absence.

If your student needs to leave school early, parents/guardians must send a written note with your child that contains the following information:

  • The date

  • The time that your student needs to leave school

  • The reason for early dismissal

  • A parent/guardian’s telephone number

  • Parent/guardian’s signature

If a student fails to provide a signed note from a parent, they will only be allowed to leave school early if a parent/guardian or an authorized emergency contact comes into the building to sign them out.

Translation Services and Childcare

Humboldt would like to remind all students and families that all documents can be requested in other languages. If you need a document in another language please contact our office. We also can make interpreters available for all meetings or phone calls if needed. If you are scheduling a meeting or coming to an event and need child care, please let our office know in advance and we will work to arrange it.

Message from District Offices

All SPPS families are invited to join the Ethnic Studies Department in the Office of Teaching and Learning to the Ethnic Studies Fall Family Forum.

Date: Tuesday, October 18

Time: 5 to 6:30 pm

Location: 360 S Colborne St., St. Paul, MN 55102

Rooms: A and B

This meeting will be sharing information about the new Critical Ethnic Studies course in St Paul Public Schools. This meeting will also allow SPPS families and community members to meet each other, learn together and ask questions.

Food will be provided, childcare services offered, and language support will be available in Hmong, Karen, Somali, and Spanish.

Please feel free to share with your networks about this event. Our event flyer can be found here. Please note: interpreted language videos are linked in the flyer.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Ethnic Studies Department at

Thank you.


MEA-NO SCHOOL(all grades)

October 20-21

PTO Meeting- Title 1 Presentation, MDE information and Parents Right to Know

October 24


Picture Day

November 4

Financial Aid Night

November 16


Family Fun

We worked with the company that puts on Zombie Rampage at Canterbury Park and they have agreed to give our school a discount code! Use the QR code in the picture or go to the website to pre-purchase tickets. When you see the space for a code you will enter our specific code for $10 OFF! Enjoy with your families.

code: HumboldtZombie

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