Assessment Standard 4

I can understand how culture maintains and develops society

Constitutional Convention

What was the Constitutional Convention? It started on May 14, 1787. There were a total of 55 delegates, including George Mason, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, who later became president of the convention. The whole point of the Convention was to decide on a suitable government for their new nation.

How does this reflect on our leaning target?

Again, this whole point was to determine a government that would fit our new nation. That can be classified as maintaining and/or developing society. This new government is still used today!!! They had just fought a war to break away from a government and king that they did not want to follow. Their goal was to not have one person in charge like Britain, but to have an equal spread on power. They took what they knew about Britain's government, and made a new one better suitable for them. That's how culture maintained and developed society. Culture, what they knew and what their ideas were about what would work and not work. Maintains and develops,.. they created a government for a nation. Changed society... they totally changed society, and that changed lives.

How does this compare with a current event today?

Compared to how our government makes decisions this is a HUGE upgrade. The Constitutional Convention was an event to decide how to run the government we use today. Well the government today is very complicated. It has however, succeeded in what our goal was. We didn't want one person having too much power. We now have strong branches of government that work together and make decisions for our nation. You could say in a sense that they maintain and develop society for the greater good. So I think that is the best comparison that I can give.

Election of 1800

What was the Constitutional Convention? It was the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. John Adam ran as a Federalist. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ran as Republicans. This was a very bitter election from both sides insulting each other rapidly. In the end, Jefferson and Burr had the same number of votes. The House of Representatives then chose Thomas Jefferson to be the next president. Aaron Burr became vice president.

How does this relate on our learning target?

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. It's kind of a big deal electing someone into presidency. So that's like a pretty big change for our nation. He had the same powers that Washington and Adams had, but he did have a different perspectives since he was had different political views. In this case he could maintain and/or develop society. In this case he has a strong say in what the nation does. This is the case for any new leader. They also have the influence over people. That could mean big change as well.

How does this compare with a current event today?

Well we can all agree that this year's presidential candidates are a little out there. It has gotten very heated in the debates. They are constantly fighting back and forth about what the other will do if they win the election. (AHEM Trump) (AHEM Hillary) Especially this year. That is exactly what Thomas Jefferson and John Adams did in 1800. Back and forth, back and forth, trying to convince people that they are the right candidate and that their opponent is not. Also, these elections are very serious. These determine our president for the next four years. Then and now. This will definitely effect our nation. Also this type of election has changed dramatically over years and has gotten a little complicated than just some votes. I'm glad it's not that easy to get elected because I don't want some guy that's irresponsible to lead my country and would have the power that I discussed in the last paragraph.

Summed up

All in all, every one of these events are important in our history. The presidential elections determine a huge part of our government. And how we make those decisions is very important as well. All of my events contained things about government. So how we make our decisions goes through these things. The president obviously knows. The government process consists of people that specialize in goo decision making. All four of these things work together to make decisions and get things done.

Future Expectations

The future expectations of elections have the potential to have a huge impact on America, but it also couldn't really do anything. It all depends on who gets elected. We've have really good presidents, and we've had really bad presidents. For example, Herbert Hoover did absolutely nothing for America and the Great Depression. That made a huge impact on America. We've had presidents like George and Abraham that made huge deals and impacted many people. Those are the ones we need. It would just depend on who's elected. In the future, we could have a totally different way of electing and how we make changes. It depends on that too. I'm honestly really concerned about Trump and Hillary. These are not the type of people that should be running our country. They have the potential to change a lot of things if they get elected.