By Diego Robles

Communism in China

A peasant farmer by the name of Mao Zedong is the father of communism. Communism is the belief of a society where everyone is equal. Communism takes away social class. Mao Zedong led a 6,000 mile march retreat after they were defeated by nationalist. This is called the Long March. This help communism because alot of peasent farmers joined up with Mao Zedong. The Great Leap Foward was an act that farmers will leave their farms to work in industries. The effect it had on communism was bad because a lot of people died from starvation. The cultural revolution was a social-political movement that occurred in China from 1966-1976. This helped communism because China didn't want their people to get ideas from the outside world/religious texts to rebel. In Tiananmen Square, the red army silenced a lot of protesters. This helped communism because the communist party made a clear point that they weren't going to stand for protest, which frightened citizens.

South and North Korean War

The Korean War or seesaw war started when the soviets took control of North Korea. The U.S were scared because in that time period there was a common theory called the domino theory. It was believed that if a nation fell to communism other nations around it would fall to communism, too. In June 25, 1950 a North Korean general by the name of Chai Ung invaded South Korea over six routes. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, was taken over by North Korea in less than a week. The U.N and the U.S sided with South Korea. They sent a lot of troops( which a lot of them were U.S troops) to the Pusan Perimeter. In 1950 South Korea and the U.S captured Inchon( a key area to control). Shortly after taking Inchon the U.S took over Seoul. It seemed like victory was in reach. By October, UN forces captured Pyongyang(the capital of North Korea). At the end of October China sent troops to help out the North Koreans. 14,000 UN soldiers were surrounded by 120,000 Chinese soldiers. The Chinese captured Seoul in January 4, 1951. In March a UN counteroffensive retook Seoul. In April Harry S. Truman dismissed General Douglas MacArthur. From July to August 1952 U.S air strikes almost destroyed Pyongyang. On October 8, 1952 both sides took a break. On July 27, 1953, an agreement was signed.

The Vietnam War

️A man by the named Ho Chi Minh and his Viet Minh defeated the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, but war still continued until 1975. Vietnam was divided at 17 degrees north latitude. The north was Ho Chi Minh and his communist force, and at the bottom was President Ngo Dinh and his non-communist force. The U.S and its allies supported South Vietnam. The war was primarily a civil war. The U.S joined because they were scared because of the domino theory. Also, the gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 was another reason why the U.S joined. In 1964 North Vietnam attacked U.S navy ships. In 1965 U.S troops were sent to Vietnam. The communist used the Ho Chi Minh Trail to send troops to South Korea. The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a system of paths through the jungles and mountains that connected North Vietnam to South Vietnam via Laos and Cambodia. In 1968 the communist launched the Tet Offensive. It didn't really succeed, but it did succeed in reducing the American public's support of the war. After that the president withdrew troops from Vietnam.

Did containment of communism work??

i think it didn't work because the U.S because there are still five countries that are still communist. If it was contained how come they just didn't keep it in China. If it was still contained how come they let China fall under communism. The U.N and the U.S could have sent troops to help the nationalist fight off the communist, but they didn't. They could have stopped the USSR from passing ideas of communism to China, but they didn't.
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