Save the Western Blue-Tongue Lizard

They're precious to our country's natural forests!


Save the Blue-Tongue Lizard! We need your help NOW!
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The blue-tongue lizard itself, threatened by introduced species and humans.

What they need

They need shelter like pipes and food including carrion, snails and insects.
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Southern Western Australia, where blue-tongues are found.

Where they live

They live in Australia's remote areas (e.g. southern Western Australia, southern Queensland, northern New South Wales) where there are a lot of trees.

Their dangers, from natural and introduced species

Natural predators like the kookaburra eat blue-tongues which balance the food chain. Unfortunately, introduced species to Australia like the feral cat unbalance the food chain by eating blue-tongues' food source and even the blue-tongues themselves.
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A lawn mower, a dangerous machine that can crush blue-tongues fast.

Their dangers, from humans

Some ways humans threaten blue-tongues include using certain inhalants or chemicals and being careless when using lawn-mowers.

Humans need to change NOW!

Ways we can protect them

Some ways of protecting blue-tongues include using lawn-mowers with care and avoiding the use of certain chemicals.