Liberty Drive Elementary

Moving Our Bus...On the Road to Excellence


We were originally scheduled to have our January staff meeting last Monday when we were home for the lovely snow. We need to meet prior to our next scheduled date on February 29th, but understand that a change in date will require flexibility on your part. In hopes of making this a win-win situation we will meet on Monday, February 1st from 2:40 until 3:15.

We will share the next phase of the professional development that we started on the required workday. Prior to Monday, please read the article that was given out on the workday. For those who may have misplaced the article, we have saved an an electronic copy on the staff Canvas page. We will also post a discussion question that we would like everyone to respond to prior to the meeting. These comments will help us determine areas that we need to focus on during the meeting.


Our PBIS core team has been focused and has worked extremely hard over the past few weeks. There are several things that are coming up that you need to be aware of. Please give out PAW bucks. We have students who spent most of their PAW bucks in the December Holiday PAW Mart and we have things planned that they will be excited to participate in.

  • February PAW Mart: February 4 & 5th (schedule will be posted by Monday, February 1st.
  • PBIS Friendship Dance: Friday, February 19th from 1:00-2:00 PM. The dance is scheduled during school hours so that any student who wishes to spend their PAW bucks to purchase a ticket can attend. Tickets cost 20 PAW bucks. This is another reason we need to remember to give out PAW bucks.
  • PAW Mart Items Needed: If you have any extra "Valentine's Day'ish" items that you would like to donate (gently used or new) please drop them off in the PD room by Wednesday, February 3rd. Examples: boxes of valentine's day cards, stuffed animals, valentine's day themed pencils and pens, lotions, hand sanitizer, etc.
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PBIS Lessons

The PBIS Core Team has created lesson plans for the areas that are addressed on our PBIS Matrices. Beginning the week of February 1st each classroom should use the lesson plan designated for the week. Throughout the week all staff members should place additional attention on the area of focus.

Week of 2/1/16- PAWS in the Hallways

Week of 2/8/16- PAWS in the Cafeteria

Week of 2/15/16- PAWS on the Bus (practice on a bus is scheduled)

Week of 2/22/16- PAWS on Field Trips (just in time for 4th & 5th grade field trips)

Week of 2/29/16- PAWS in the Restrooms

Week of 3/7/16- PAWS on the Playground


As you fill out your PEPs please make sure that you indicate whether or not you are CONSIDERING retention. If you do not choose it this quarter, then parents will think that their child is progressing at a satisfactory rate and that they should not be concerned. If you are in any way worried that the child may not maintain the same level of work, or may fall below proficient, please indicate that on the PEP and make parent contact.

On Tuesday, February 2nd, we will be meeting in PLCs to discuss students for STAT. Please bring the completed form that Mrs. Varoutsos emailed to you with any students that you are concerned about, or who may need to be retained. We will discuss the process further and make retention letters available in both English and Spanish. This will serve as a record keeping item to confirm that parents are aware of the problem. You will also need to send home a copy of the PEP.


  • This staff ROCKS!! Mrs. Varoutsos and I are very appreciative of how everyone quickly took care of their PDPs. Thank you for not becoming frustrated with the multiple reminders. We were determined to only receive a message from Central Office saying that we met this deadline, not that anyone had missing parts.
  • By now all full-time, certified staff members who were hired before January 4th, should have been observed one time by an administrator. BLTs should have two completed observations.
  • To keep our Bus in tip-top shape, I would like to spend time talking to each staff member about how the school year is going. Information will be sent this weekend so that you can sign up for a time.


Word has gotten out! We have started a new incentive for staff members. When you are caught going above and beyond, and sometimes for just doing a great job, you will be rewarded with a trip to our new WAY TO GO board. This board has a wide range of incentive choices that we hope will allow the recipients to select what works best for them.
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  • Feb 1: Staff Meeting, 2:40-3:15 PM
  • Feb 1: ACCESS Testing Begins
  • Feb 2: PLC Meetings- STAT Discussions
  • Feb 3 & 4: PAW Mart
  • Feb 4: PD- Calculator Training
  • Feb 5: 100th Day of School (see above)
  • Feb 5-12: Spring Book Fair
  • Feb 8: Retention Notices Go Home
  • Feb 8: STAT Meeting
  • Feb 9: PLC Meetings- EVAAS Data Training
  • Feb 9: PD- EC Co-Teaching Training, 2:30-4:00 PM
  • Feb 9: Reading Night, 6:30-7:30 PM
  • Feb 11: TCS Parent Social, LDS, 6:00 PM
  • Feb 16: PLC Meetings- EC Co-Teaching
  • Feb 17: 5th Grade Science PD
  • Feb 19: Class Photos
  • Feb 19: PBIS Friendship Dance, 1:00-2:00 PM
  • Feb 22: Progress Reports (tentative, may change after make up days are announced)
  • Feb 23: PLC Meetings- EC Co-Teaching Training (4th PLC 2 & 5th PLC 2)
  • Feb 25: PLC Meetings- EC Co-Teaching Training (4th PLC 1 & 5th PLC 1)
  • Feb 26: 4th Grade Field Trip
  • Feb 29: 5th Grade Field Trip
  • Feb 29: Staff Meeting