Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

Dear Staff,

What a beautiful weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather and early spring breeze. How lucky we are to live where we do.

Thanks for making the Expectation Expedition a success last week. Our Tier I behavior committee will be keeping an eye on referral data to help students be most successful these last weeks. Let one of us know if you have a school-wide concern for us to address.

I included an interesting little snippet about the power of a single cultural event. These experiences seem even more potentially life-changing for so many of our students who don't typically have access to them.

Have a great week everyone!


How a Cultural Experience Can Change a Student’s Life - From the Marshal Memo #630

George Martin, who collaborated closely with the Beatles throughout their years of musical creativity and innovation, died earlier this month at the age of 90. Growing up in a working-class family in England, Martin was inspired to embark on a musical career by a single event: a symphony orchestra gave a concert at his elementary school and he was instantly fascinated.

“Sir George Martin, the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ Dies at 90” by Douglas Wolk on NPR, March 9, 2016; for a detailed New York Times article on Martin’s contributions to five Beatles songs, see

Growth Mindset at Parkdale Elementary

The Growth Mindset strategy of the week this week is...

* · Model and teach getting excited when the task gets challenging; “The brain is growing”.

Other ideas that we came up with as a staff are linked below:

Teaching the Mountaineer Expectations: Month 6, Week 4

Student Message - Handling Name Calling

In our school we have a rule about being respectful. It’s not respectful to call people names that hurt their feelings. If someone calls you a name, you can ignore the person or speak to him or her assertively. You can tell the person it’s not okay to call you names. If the person doesn’t stop calling you names, you should tell an adult. Saying kind words to others helps you make and keep friends!

Events This Week...

This Week:

Monday 4/4


Tuesday 4/5

Gus out for Hiring Fair in PDX

2:15 – 3:15 PM - Ukulele (Grades 4 – 5 ONLY)

2:20 PM – BEST Meeting

Wednesday 4/6

8:40 AM – Earthquake Drill

2:20 – 3:20 PM – Wonders Tech. Meeting

Thursday 4/7

GREEN DAY: Zoomba and Tech as follows:

Zoomba in the Gym:

7:45 am - 8:15, Schmidt, Monroe, Sischo

8:25 - 9:55, Zeigner, Curtis, Lavoie

Tech in the lab for:

Wiley, Sanchez-Klien, Welland, Spaulding

Friday 4/8 8:30 – 2:00 PM - GR. 5 SKI MT HOOD MEADOWS

Tasting Table – Whole Wheat Bread

2:15 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting

Upcoming Dates


· 4/12 7:45 – 2:00 –Kidz Dental

· 4/12 4/5 Testing

· 4/12 2:20 PM - PBIS Committee Meeting – Sischo’s RM

· 4/12 2:15 – 3:15 PM - Ukulele (Grades 4 – 5 ONLY)

· 4/13 2:25 PM – Staff Meeting

· 4/14 1:00 – 1:50 PM – Robotics - ALL SCHOOL Assembly

· 4/14 2:20 PM – BEST Review Meeting

· 4/14 3:15 – 5:15 PM – Second Steps (Holly and Inga)

· 4/14 5:30 – 7:30 PM – Internet Safety Parent Meeting

· 4/15 GREEN DAY – AM ________PM Tech

· 4/15` 2:10 PM – Reading Intervention Meeting

Have a great week!!

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