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Where You Can Find The Most Effective Customized Commercial Laundry Service In NY?

The Laundry Center remains the best choice if you are looking forward to avail the best quality laundry service in NY. The Laundry Center offers superior commercial laundry service for restaurants, a and hotels whole variety of commercial customers.

What Are Services Offered?

• Wash & Fold at $27 minimum and 24 hour turnaround
• Dry Cleaning at $35 minimum and 72 hour turnaround

Why Should You Avail The Service From The Laundry Center?

• Next Day Delivery: The company offers astonishing fast service, ready in 24 hours from pickup time, delivered to your doorsteps.
• Free Pickup & Delivery: The company makes sure that the clients are not charged for laundry pickup and laundry delivery. The drivers are out in the city from 9AM to 7PM.
• Low Cost: Wash and fold only costs $ 1.25 per pound. That also includes high quality, on time service and great customer service.

How Could Be The Laundry Washed?

According to one’s preferences as well as professionally folded the laundry is custom washed. All of the laundry is checked for quality assurance so that the client’s business can maintain its high standards. Get more info

Which Areas Does The Firm Serve?

They currently serve Manhattan and are expanding services to more neighborhood as requirement for quality service increases,

How Does The Firm Assure Quality Service?

Every piece of laundry is handled with care by trained attendants. The company guarantees service by double checking you won’t have any missing clothes before delivery.

What Are Benefits And Supports That You Can Get?

Get safe and quality washing, take advantage of professional 24/7 customer service with staff on premises, bulk wash with 470 machines, and choose from premium or dry cleaning services, by using The Laundry Center for your commercial laundry needs you will have the ability to schedule same day pickups.