Heather's Home Life

Issue 12 | January 2021

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Happy New Year!

I hope 2021 is off to a pleasant start for you & yours.

I am looking at the fresh calendar full of hope and expectation that this year - like last - will bring many joys and challenges. I am committed to taking it all in stride and remembering that most folks are doing their best to navigate life's choices.

If you sense that your 2021 choices branch into the world of Real Estate, don't keep your thoughts to yourself. Share them (with me) and let's see what we can make happen!

Buyer demand in our gorgeous region is high high high as mortgage interest rates stay low low low! But if you're a buyer, don't worry. I know what it takes to build bridges and get creative to make sure you and your offer stand out.

I consider it a true compliment when folks reach out to pick my brain and here's some professional advice to get your year off on the right food:

skip the compulsive googling and Redfin scrolling FOMO and let's just talk.

I'll give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan and a professional in place to put it to work! I am so invested in making sure my people feel informed and empowered to act, and I'm all-in on your search for the RIGHT home.

Welcome Home to the Rotondo Family!

"We cannot thank you enough for your guidance through this crazy process. You were incredible!"

I absolutely LOVED closing out 2020 with two successful transactions for this lovely family. When Jon & Rebeca decided to take advantage of the market and sell their Tahoe Park home, we got right to work...and right into contract! We received multiple above-asking offers within days, and closed in 22 days!

The search and purchase of their replacement home in Fair Oaks was equally successful, closing early on Christmas Eve. It warms my heart to know this young family is snug in their forever home and I am grateful to have been part of the adventure!

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An influencer I am not.

However, if you're waffling over the purchase of a washable rug from online retailer Ruggable please consider this a Heather Downey Homes stamp of approval. I have no discount code to offer (remember, I'm a Realtor, not an influencer). But rest assured, this is just a candid gush-fest about something I like and a celebration of how a targeted Instagram ad didn't go terribly wrong for me.

I have three of these rugs in our home, and this is the latest addition. I had a smaller rug in this space and if I'm being honest, I was attached to it on an emotional level similar to say, a dear pet. But the room is a high-traffic area and my actual dear pet (a cat with claws) was making life for the special rug a real nightmare. I felt bad for the rug, so I passed it on to a family member for a better life far away from Sky the Cat's need to mark his territory in violent, home décor-ruining fashion.

This Ruggable rug system is a better size for the space, and will keep the room clean, cozy, and stress-free because - once again - it is WASHABLE.

My family is at the age and stage where pets and kids don't give a hoot about keeping stuff nice. This rug, and the ones in our kitchen and office, allow me to chillax and not compromise on the look I like for our home.

I'm a fan. Are you? Tag me in a pic of your Ruggable rug on instagram (@heatherdowneyhomes)!

Make 2021 a Year to Remember!

So much is up in the air as the new year gets underway, but what is clear is that the real estate market is moving & grooving. Join the party! It is never too early to start a conversation with a Realtor. It's such a compliment when you reach out to pick my brain - so let's chat!