Democratic-Communist Angora

Andrew Heartquist, Coleman Wylie, Vedanta Dasu

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Economic System

Angora is an ideal country to move to for all classes. In Angora all resources are shared and all services are free.

-Only worry is your job

-All food and services provided by the government

-Wages still in place to spend on recreational activities

-Rich oil reserves

-Great educational system

Politic System

Our political system is going to be a democratic communism. It has all of the ideals of democracy and all of the ideals of communism.

-Uncorrupt government (political power even distributed)

-Run by the people

-Vote out any corrupt politicians

-Vote on all policies put in place

-Best of communism and democracy

Living Conditions

The landscape of Angora is one of the best in the world, located in a tropical island off the coast of Chile.

-Beautiful beaches

-Breathtaking mountain ranges

-Comfortable apartment

-No worries other than your job

-Many recreational activities

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