Kerri Strode

Relationship Building

Relationship Building

  • Empathy
  • Individualization
  • Developer
  • Harmony
  • Connectedness
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Empathy..."I know how you feel"

  • attuned to others moods
  • able to see authenticity in others
  • highly responsive to how others are feeling
  • comfortable around "emotional" people
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Individualization..."Hey! It's okay to be you"

  • Pinpoint unique qualities, traits preferences in others
  • Looks for the best quality in people
  • Enjoys working on teams and assisting others
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Developer..."You are special"

  • Unselfishness
  • Finds pleasure in others successes
  • Support others by acknowledging their accomplishments
  • Very complimentary because you really do care
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Harmony..."Can't we all be friends?"

  • easy to work with
  • a realist...more "simple" than "fancy"
  • Avoid conflict
  • Treat people evenly...make sure everyone is part of the group
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Connectedness:..."We are all in this together"

  • help others see how we are linked together
  • hold tightly to core values
  • see differences in others and seek out specific people for specific ideas

Working with adult leaders

Strength: Building Trusting Relationships-listening intentionally

To Work On: Facilitating Professional Learning-structuring dialogue and discussion


Strength: honor diverse views

To work on: give and receive constructive feedback


Strength: Able to read the group

To Work on: Moving a group to task completion

Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy

Strength: Supportive of the growth of others

To work on: Taking on new challenges

Systems Thinking

Strength: Identify decision makers

Need to work on: Seeing the big picture.