The Spanish-American War

Kevin Wich

Independence for Cuba?

The people in Cuba are trying to get their independence from Spain. This is causing some issues for the US because the US has a harbor in Cuba. I feel that some of the stories that were told are not real. I'm sure there are some bad things happening there, but not everything you read is true. There will be more information coming soon.
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This week in Cuba...

There has been a letter intercepted that was written by the Cuban de Lome calling President McKinley. This angered him because the US is helping them in their war with Spain for independence. Also, the USS Maine was exploded. This caused the US to start fighting harder. They are saying "Remember the Maine" to keep soldiers motivated.
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Battles in Cuba Continue

Today, we have got stories from the battle front its self. There have been very few American deaths, luckily, but things are still not going very well. Roosevelt handpicked a few people for his own cavalry, called the Rough Riders, and they have bee in many battles, but their biggest one was the one on San Juan Hill. In this, the Rough Riders destroyed the Spaniards. Stay tuned for more information.
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The US and Cuba Win!

The picture below shows the US raising a flag and it is symbolizing the presidential election of 1900. It is showing the different opinions on the view of the Philippines. Some people though The US should be more prominent, but many others thought The US should mind their own business.
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