Vertebrates Have Backbones

Types of Vertabrates

cartilaginous fish

cartilaginous fish are fish that has bones that are made of cartage and are basically the kind of fish that you want to stay away from like sharks and more

Bony Fish

Bony fish have a skeleton mode of 100% bone and bony fish have a back bone which makes them a vertebrate

Fun Fact: Did you know that you are a vertebrate too?

jawless fish

jaw less fish have no jaw like we do. you may wonder have they keep their mouth closed but the thing is is that they always have their mouths open in fact it helps them catch their food or prey
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These are the four types of Amphibians and all amphibians live near or in water


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There are many types of birds. But not all types of birds can fly. Although all birds have feathers


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Birds wings are made special for when they fly. The shape they are help they fly because the friction of the air catches the bottom of the wing and helps the bird glide up and strait.
Snakes shed their skin like we do but we don't shed ours all at the same time.

Fun Fact: there are more than 3,000 types of snakes

Fun fact: All amphibians have no fur



Most mammals have fur or hair. Did you know that you are a mammal? Week you are. Have have hair. And there are a lot of mammlal split intro different groups. Some have pouches. Some live near or in water. Some even have fur with prics with it. There are many types

Alligator and crocodile



Has it very been hard to tell which is a alligator or crocodile? I can help you solve that, crocodiles when their mouths are open you can see most of their teeth and alligators when their mouths are open you can only see a few of their teeth in the front
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