Caden K.


My theme is to try your hardest and give it your all because when you don't give up and you keep doing your best you do better than not trying and it pays off.
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Norwalk was my setting because its where all my school happened and is what i wanted to start trying harder in. I like the school because its harder than most schools and it gives me a challenge. The school district is good there arent many fights and the people aren't that mean most of the time. The teachers help me because they are all nice and they give good instructions on how to do the assignments.
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Setting number two (house)

My house is a big part of my theme. Its where I do my homework and where I live. My mom gets my grades here and talks to me about them. If I need help on my homework my mom will help me. I get to school from this house and I live in Des Moines so it was harder to get to Norwalk schools, but my mom and dad love the district and wanted me to go to Norwalk. Norwalks schools are harder than Des moines schools. They are a grade harder if you had a b at Des moines schools you would have a c at Norwalk.

How I showed success.

I started to get better grades my not getting many incompletes and working harder on tests and homework and I ended the quarter with no f's. So far to im doing well in the second quarter and i plan on keep trying my hardest and ill take school seriously and I wont mess around as much and ill get all my work done and everyone will be happy.