Global Warming

By: Ellen Colombo

What is global warming?

Greenhouse Gases
  • humans cause it, we release heat-trapping gases in our everyday lives
  • these gases are called greenhouse gases
  • the gas is higher than ever
Greenhouse Effect
  • greenhouse gases trap heat and don't let it out of atmosphere
  • gases let light in but trap heat
  • more gases there are, more heat gets trapped

Why is it a problem? The climate is changing faster, so living things can not adapt fast enough.

What conrtibutes to global warming?

  • burning of coal
  • pollution
  • petroleum
  • fossil fuels

"greening" transportation

  • less fossil fuels used
  • less heat trapped
  • public transport will upgrade or be better
  • fossil fuels can be used for other things
  • money saving
  • can be costly
  • transportation systems can still let out bad greenhouse gases but not as much as before
  • not all people will want to use public transportation
  • any sickness could spread easily

Reduce Emissions

  • reduce heat trapping gases if we cut down the amount we use
  • can be easily done
  • reduce tropical deforestation
  • build clean energy economy
  • factories will produce less
  • economy could lower
  • costly
  • cars will cost more

But, which one is better?

The problem is global warming, and the solution is to reduce emissions. Not only does this reduce the heat trapping gases, it can reduce things like tropical deforestation and can reduce U.S. oil use.