Law & Romans: Citizens Unit

By 👉🏽Axel Diaz & Michael Bartolome

Rome citizenship!

Citizenship belonged to almost everybody who lived in Rome at the time. Some of the right were the ability to vote, have jobs in the government, own property ect. Everybody who obeyed the law get justice in return.
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Not All Equal

Even though justice is a big part of rome not everybody was equal. Men had all rights and women had limited rights. Slaves had little to no rights and freedmen had also limited rights.
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Roman Justice

Even though not everybody had the same amount of right you still have all laws. If ayou were taken to court, the judge would make the decisions.Slave, women, child, man or freed man, no matter what you were you had to follow the law.
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If somebody committed a crime they are going to pay money or they going to beaten and they have to leave the rome by being guilty by killing there father and there are going to be slaves by harder worker or often crucified.

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