Bremerton Central Lions Club

November 2021

Message from King Lion Todd

Season's Greetings to all my fellow Lions

I recently had someone ask me what my favorite Christmas gift I received as a child was. As I thought about the question, my mind immediately returned to the year I was seven. My father made me a custom work bench and placed it under the tree that year. To be truthful, it was next to the tree and certainly made an impression. Along with the workbench was a box of tools, some new, and some old, but all wonderfully useful and unique.

As I have reflected on the significance of those gifts, I think what made this gift so special to me was that it invited me into my father's world. He was the type always to be working on one project or another, often till the wee hours of the morning. There was always something to fix or build for our family or someone else. I remember setting that workbench up in his shop and "working" alongside him on so many Saturday mornings. I learned many skills during those times and have been able to pass them on to my sons.

That one gift was a powerful invitation to learn new skills and enter into my father's world, learn to teach others, and give back to my community.

When I think about Lionism, and the service Lions provide to our community, I think about how we can invite others to join us in making our community a better place. We can invite others to come to a meeting, join a service project, or attend a special event. When others join in, we can help ensure they are equipped to serve the community in meaningful ways. Lions clubs are full of opportunities to try new things, develop new skills, and grow lifelong relationships with others.

As we celebrate the holidays and enter the new year, let us challenge ourselves to invite others to join us and commit to making sure they have the tools to succeed. Our world needs Lions, and all the wonderful ways "We Serve."

King Lion,


Bremerton Central Lions Club Foundation Donation

The Bremerton Central Lions Club Foundation donated $32,000 to Bremerton Parks and Recreation to support development of permanent pickle ball courts.

West Sound Pickle Ball Club

During the November 3rd meeting, the West Sound Pickle Ball Club provided a lively presentation about pickle ball in our area and the current rise in interest from the community in playing pickle ball.

Susan Crossland along with several members of the West Sound Pickle Ball Club shared that there has been an 800% increase in those playing pickle ball since the pandemic started. It is a very social game and uses a much smaller court than tennis.

Pickle ball is fun, social, and friendly. The rules of the game are easy for beginners, but the game itself is fast-paced and competitive. Susan shared her many medals that she's won during her years in pickle ball.

For those that aren't aware, pickle ball was actually invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island. A standard pickle ball course is 44ft by 20 ft. Many of the local players bring their own equipment, including the pickle ball net and a specialized net that turns a tennis court into a pickle ball court.

As a thank you to the Bremerton Central Lions and Parks and Recreation, the West Sound pickle ball club awarded them special pickle ball paddles and beautiful flower arrangements. After the meeting, the pickle ball club demonstrated on the indoor court that was set up for demonstration and several members were able to try their hand at pickle ball.

Salvation Army Ringing of the Bells

One of the most fun activities our Lions engage in each winter is the Salvation Army Ringing of the Bells! This year, there were several volunteers and each entrance at Fred Meyer was fully covered with Bremerton Central Lions volunteers!

A shout out to Lion Tom for bringing treats to the bell ringers. There were at least two volunteers at each location, and in some cases, up to 4 people supporting the work. Total amount raised $2,047 and some change. The value of bell ringing was about $3,000.

The Winning Team -- the Salvation Army was so grateful for the support!

Eye Screening at Crosspoint Elementary

On November 18, five stalwart Lions assembled at Crosspoint Elementary School to screen the eyesight of about 120 students. Jim Lamb coordinated the efforts of Lynn Byrne, Mary Garguile, Mike Peterson and Sandy Simon.

Under his guidance our Lion’s club completed the screening in just a few hours, and now has five qualified screeners. Six children were referred to eye doctors for further eyesight evaluation.

Thank you, Lions, for making a difference!

October and November Birthdays

October 9: Jim Gantenbein

October 16: Bob Perkins

October 28: Iris Young

November 10: Danette Breeding

November 21: Ida Malone

November 23: Amanda Harvey

November 30: Ron Lund

Bremerton Central Lions

The Lions Motto is “We Serve." For 93 years our Club's members have followed this mandate through the creation and support of a wide variety of facilities and service projects.

While Sight is the major institutional goal of Lionism, our bylaws also direct us to take an active interest in the Civic, Cultural, Social and Moral Welfare of our community.

We welcome membership interest from any man or woman of legal majority, good moral character and community reputation who recognizes Lions as a vehicle through which they can make a contribution to the community, expand their acquaintances and make some wonderful friends.

The Lions are the largest service club organization in the world with over 1.5 million members. The members of our club represent all walks of life: employees, business people and retirees - male and female members. Though we come from every corner of the social, economic and religious spectrum, we are united in our desire to provide aid and support to those in our community who are in need. If you are motivated to offer help to your neighbors who can benefit from it, you will find many opportunities for personal fulfillment by joining with us.