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Ramses II Builds New Temple

The Abu Simbel, Ramses II's new temple, has just been finished. This temple has two different parts, one is for Ramses II and the other is for his beloved wife, Nefertari. This temple has a very unique feature in which every October 22 and February 22, Ramses II's statue will light up. MORE ON THIS STORY LATER.
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The picture above is of the light hitting Ramses II's statue at the Abu Simbel temple.

Battle of Kadesh Won!

Our ruler, Ramses II has won the battle against the malevolent Hittites. The Hittites negotiated a peace treaty with our kingdom because they were too weak to fight anymore. The final battle was fought two days ago. VICTORY FOR EGYPT!

New sporting event coming to Thebes!

A new sporting event is coming to Egypt! The bow and arrow accuracy competition is coming to our capital city, Thebes. The event will include food, water, entertainment, and if you want to be in it, you can enter a raffle to be the next best archer!

pyramids are starting to erode

Citizens around the area have reported the limestone casing blocks around the area falling on the ground. One witness even reported a case of limestone falling on to his home. The pharaoh has decided to either remove the casing blocks for building use or to destroy the pyramids. Luckily, he has chosen to build with the casing blocks instead of destroying the Pyramids of Giza.


Bad news for Egypt this year. The farmland is in a serious drought! The plants are dying from lack of water. The cattle are skinny and weak also because of their lack of grass and water. Good thing we have backed up storage food to last through the drought.

attempted tomb robbery

Pharaoh Mentuhotep II's tomb was attempted to be robbed. They managed to get inside of the tomb and steal one of his many golden statues. Luckily, the militia in the area was able to stop them. The robbers died later that day because of a curse that was put on them by Mentuhotep II.

New clothing style

The pharaoh has just started a new trend. He has asked his tailor to make him a new clothing style. It is very popular among the locals now. Soon to be at your local merchant! Starting prices are 10 pounds of gold! It is made of the finest materials in the land of Egypt.
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Remembering King Tutankhamun

On this day about 100 years ago, a young pharaoh of the name King Tutankhamun, was the man who changed our religion back from Monotheism to Polytheism! Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he was riding in his chariot and a hippo killed him... We will always remember his reign...

Chariot Insurance

Did you rent a chariot and get injured? Did they not refund you for your injury? Well come on down to the Chariot Insurance Agency where if you get injured, we will FIGHT FOR YOU!!! We guarantee you at least one quarter of your money (the rest of the money goes to our services) IF YOU LOSE WE WILL NOT REST OR SLEEP UNTIL YOU GET IT BACK (hours are only from 8AM-6PM)


We are looking for a scribe to record the events on the battlefield. (being apart of this job may include cutting off people's hands to count, may also include death...)

THIS JOB IS VERY WELL PAYING (1 Pound of silver at most)