Cassandra Gamez

About me

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in Studio Painting with a Minor in Education. Ever since I was very young, I always enjoyed teaching. I enjoyed helping a person succeed in their work. In high school, is when I found my passion of painting. I found that I loved creating something out of nothing. I love that I could express everything on my mind with color and form. When I worked at The Art League's Art Camp is when I finally realized I wanted to teach art. I found that I my passion was not only painting but teaching as well. Thats when I knew I wanted to help children find a voice in their art. I want to become someone that inspires young adults to follow their hearts and passions.

I am an artist, I work mostly with oil and acrylic paint. I've shown in various small shows by different community based galleries. My work is very family oriented. Most of my work consist of family portraits but in absurd ways. I paint the people around me that I feel a great connection with. I like to include different elements to the painting that oppose to that person's natural habitat.

My influences are Henri de Toulouse-Laurtec, David Salle, and Georgia O'Keeffe.

Why I wanted to become an art teacher?

I was very blessed to have wonderful parents to encouraged me to follow my dreams but I didn't know what I wanted to study in college until high school. I had to wonderful teachers who shown me that I had a talent and love for art. I learned how to express myself through dance and painting. I found a need of a creative outlet in my life. I never imagined myself following a career in Art. I always enjoyed the way colors and lines mix together to become something entirely different. My teachers from high school really encouraged me to take the leap. Because of them I found a passion I will continue to do for the rest of my life. I found something that truly made me happy and I want to help children find that same love. I want to be able to inspire a student into becoming anything they want to be. I want to be able to help at least one child follow their passion. We live in a world where people look for the stable work rather than following their dream. The world needs more teachers, artists, musicians, poets, composers, and innovative minds. I want to help students follow whatever they enjoy in life.
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Takes a village to raise a child

For me, my village consisted of my parents and my helpful teachers. I was blessed to have a wonderful support system. I had a dad who came to all the important events and did all the handy work of my projects. A mother who was constantly there when I needed her and even when I didn't. My mother was president of the PTA and always volunteering to be a chaperone or helping with the school any way. With her being there, the teachers began to be family to me rather than a workers at school. I grew up knowing that the teachers are more than just paid professionals. They are people who volunteer to impact your child's life. They will affect your child's growth in a way a parent cannot. I've had teachers from my elementary through high school that I am still close friends with. I grown into a successful person because of their influences. My father and mother taught me to always be strong, kind, and generous along with many other things. My teachers taught me how to be independent, studious and brave. My village changed every year because there was always another teacher to join along the way.

I believe having a support system is most important for any child. I strongly believe that every parent should be involved in their child's academics and hobbies. It does incredible things for a child to know that their parent is there to help when they need it. When he or she knows you are present, they will try their hardest to make you proud. Helping with homework, reading a book with them or even just posting their artwork will affect your child in many great ways. I wouldn't be the person I am today without my village.

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