2 Tech Tips on a Tuesday

Discover Something New!

Prepare to have Your Minds Blown!

Augmented Reality!! (Web/iPad)

What is it?

Watch this to see how it works. Test video

Augmented reality can be used to:

• Include audio or video description of printed instructions, for learners who process better when something is read aloud or demonstrated visually. Some kids just do better if they see or hear the instructions.

• Use augmented activities for differentiated instruction, reinforcement, & or enhancement.

• Link lessons to 3D models or 360 environments of real places being read about in basic text or stories.

• Present 3D models or images of artwork in visual art class. Bring the Smithsonian Institution, the Le Louvre, or even the Acropolis Museum to your students.

• Work in audio and or video clips of music on worksheets in a music class or to help kids learn a play.

• Provide hints, tips for quizzes or a interactive review before a quiz.

• Send home video or pictures of student presentations in class or school newsletters.

• Bring science lessons to life with 3D models of chemical bonds, cell structure, or planetary orbits. Let the kids hold the universe in their hands.

• Bring history to life with 3D models or video clips about important buildings and landmarks or even a 360 environment. Let kids walk around inside a pyramid.

Send surprise messages or encouragement to students to remind them that they matter. Each student could have their own AR trigger and the content can be changed to customize verbal or video feedback.