What is PTF at SBA?

The mission of our PTF is “For we are God’s fellow workers . . .” 1 Corinthians 3:9

Our Parent Teacher Fellowship was established early in our tenure as a school for several reasons. Some of the reasons and purposes for the organization are:

  • To establish a fellowship between home and school.
  • To provide a place for families, teachers, and staff to partner together in the education and student life of their child.
  • To provide a channel through which the physical and financial needs of the school can be made known and through which the members and friends can help in supplying those needs.

As an organization, we are allowed two fundraisers per year, which support our efforts as an organization. One fundraiser is the membership dues collected, and the other is the funds generated from monthly Spirit Days. Membership is voluntary, so the number of members varies per school year.

What do we do with the funds?

Here are a few of the most current things we got to do:

PTF helps sponsor several things for the benefit of the school:

  • Provide a back–to-school lunch for staff during fall In-Service.
  • Help in funding and providing food for a back-to-school event for the Upper school at Horn’s Creek and Camp Vesper Point. This allows the cost to be minimal to families and to the school. Parents also volunteer at these events to serve the food and snacks.
  • Help in funding the playground equipment.
  • Help with Gala baskets that each homeroom provides.
  • Provide the Christmas Shoppe for students to purchase reasonably priced Christmas gifts.
  • Fund special requests from teachers and schools such as:
  1. Heart-rate monitors for PE classes to aid in the Fitness/wellness initiative.
  2. Water fountain attachments for hands free filling stations to be installed this spring. (2016)
  3. Classroom wishes for classes for all schools from Pre-School to High School.
  • Provide Teacher Appreciation week events, gifts, and luncheon.
  • Award a service scholarship for a deserving senior.
  • Other items that are brought to us for consideration by the teachers or administrators.

In light of our mission and purpose, please give your input on the General School Survey when we send it out in a few weeks.

THANK YOU for being a part of making this school special. We want your ideas and input. Thank you in advance!


Roslyn McCoy

Administrative Representative