Salt March: Gandhi's Arrest

Indians use Satyagraha to protest his imprisonment.

Salt March

Gandhi was arrested after making illegal salt as a result of his well publicized "Salt March". Gandhi and his thousands of followers wished to protest the British Salt Tax, which made salt too expensive for many Indians who needed it. Following Gandhi's arrest, his supporters conducted a raid on a salt works. During this raid lines of Indians approached soldiers guarding the salt works in small groups. The Indians were then beaten down, but they did nit fight back. This went on for several hours.

The British In India

The British have been in India for decades, and after the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857 they completely took over. Indian's have been fighting for independence ever since, especially after the Amritsar Massacre. Gandhi as led Indians in many protests like the Salt March, including his 1920 Homespun Campaign where he protests British clothes by making his own.
Gandhi Clip on the Salt March (teaching clip for non-violence and direct action)
The March on the Salt Works - Gandhi (1981)