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Economics in the 1950's

With after the war, people are getting back to buying things. Which boosts the market and skyrockets NET income for citizens of the U.S. But with Mexico falling apart, illegal immigrants from Mexico try to come up to the United States for opportunity. People think there jobs are being taken, so they lead to discrimination. But with the Economy booming and people can move out of the city into the suburbs, companies can build low-income houses under 16m, making it easy for the Mexicans to infiltrate America. Which lead to the famous border between the US and Mexico

Rock 'n' Roll and TV

Rock 'n' Roll and TV really hit off in the 50's, TV with more broadcasts, and Rock 'n' Roll's head start really entertain Americans, They have been both created to make "America more Free". TV entertainment with just a flick of a finger, and Rock 'n' Roll has been significant for the Rock we know today.