Write for Texas Coaching Update

Region 16 ESC

Campus Happenings

At each campus we have been working on different strategies. Some have include writing strategies across the content areas and other strategies have been student engagement in the ELAR classroom. Each teacher help set goals for this year. The goals are things to be accomplished along with the Write for Texas goals. We will continue to work on writing strategies as well as the use of mentor texts and teacher modeling. Again, thank you for allowing me to be on your campus and work along side your teachers. If you would like to look at any of the Write for Texas resources you an access them at https://www.writefortexas.org/ under the resources tab.

Training Opportunities

Teaching Expository and Persuasive Texts (6-12)

Write for Texas: teaching expository and persuasive texts in all content areas. This professional development will provide practical strategies for applications of formal writing in all content areas. Participants will look at developing clear and meaningful content area writing tasks. Training would good for all content areas. CSF 1,2,7

Session: 538736

Date: October 29 (all day)