Mrs. Collins Classroom

Language Arts 7th Grade

Language Arts Mrs.Collins

Moving forward for following week incorporates stems on quizlet weekly for students to practice and help increase vocabulary and context clues when reading.

3/7: Monday

Article in textbook: “A Young Tinker Builds a Windmill, Electrifying a Nation” Pages: 519-523

Reading Strategy: Text Mining with article

A Long Walk to Water vocabulary

3/8 Tuesday: Chapter 4 ALWTW and Chapter Summary Questions

3/9 Wednesday: Book Fair Preview

Chapter 5 ALWTW with literary analysis questions

3/10 Thursday: Chapter 6-7 with vocab review and analyze Chapters

3/11 Friday: Teacher Work Day

For parent contact my school email is but if you message me through Canvas I will also be notified by email.

Class and MOSES NEWS

*****We are in Paper Shortage if you would like to donate Computer paper teachers would be so thankful for any donations to help print things needed for all our students. :-)

Book Fair coming Next Week March 14-18

Conference WEEK 2HR early Release Next week

Report card grades post Monday March 14th

  • Please be checking infinite campus for missing work and make- up grades
  • Make sure missing work is getting completed and submitted as many students have zeros for missing/ not completed work

  • Use the ABSENT/DLD WORK Folder to locate EACH Day's Assignments is on Homepage of canvas

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School Reminders:

* Reminders water-fountains are for filling bottles only.

* Hand sanitizer is provided for bus and classrooms and in areas around school in the hallways.

* Students are encouraged to use their own materials and not to share.

* No sharing snacks or drinks:-)

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