Canadian Lynx

Lynx Canadensis

About a Canadian Lynx

  • They are too small to hunt people, but they will hunt domesticated animals.
  • The Lynx buries meat to eat on later.
  • It stands about 30-40 cm tall, 90-110 cm long, and weighs between 10-20 kg.\
  • They are agile creatures, and can climb trees with ease.
  • It inhabits Canada, Northern U.S., and Alaska.
  • Its new born is called Kittens. They normally have about 3-4 Kittens. The Kittens stay with the mother for 11.
  • They normally live for about 14.5 years in the wild.
  • After the Lynx brings down prey, and is ready to eat, it may be interrupted by other animals such as the wolverine, If it is interrupted it will leave its food to the other animals.
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