Monday Memo MAY 9

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~


Mother's Day!

I hope all of our Moms had a wonderful day yesterday - celebrating Moms is a beautiful thing. Moms tend to be the cog in the wheel that everything and everyone revolves around. When Mom is in a good place so is the rest of the family. When Mom is strong, so is everyone else.

I was honored to spend part of my Mother's Day with Derek Dede's mom, Elizabeth. She showed strength and grace that was beyond my comprehension. Please keep the whole family in your thoughts and prayers. As we learn more about what their needs are, we'll let you know how you can help them. I just learned that his soccer team plans to organize a GoFundMe site and our PTA will organize meals for the family.


Wishing all students and staff a wonderful STAAR Day - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!


The best way to finish the year with the fewest problems is to try to keep kids on as much of a regular schedule as possible. We will use an alternate schedule whenever we can to allow for teacher planning periods.

For those who are wondering about why we don't have specials on STAAR Days it's to keep the integrity of the testing environment, plus, all of our staff will be used in one way or another to either monitor or give tests. Also, this is the norm throughout the district that specials will not take place on STAAR days - some schools also do not have STAAR on Wednesday.


Thanks everyone! This is what we needed to happen! It's pretty amazing that only about 10,000 people went to the polls!


On Wednesday, May 4, immediately after the announcements Kim will speak to 3rd and 4th graders about how to go about running for student council (All classes will sign off of announcements but 3rd and 4th will remain on)

Afterwards, she will place election packets in your hallways for students to pick up.



Here's the link to the session information and registration for this summer's academy -; I know most of you will find a way to attend some of the sessions if you are in town in late July - also, keep in mind that these hours will apply to your 15 hours of personal/professional growth for next school year. And, if you have thought of a professional goal by that time, you might be able to find a session or two that will help you begin your work for the year in that area.



9 - STAAR Math 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

10 - STAAR Reading 3rd, 4th, 5th retake

11 - STAAR Science 5th

12 - Teacher of the Year Gala

13 - PTA Board Meeting; Student Council Speeches Due; Reflections Celebration Sockwell

18 - Donna's Retirement Party

19 - Student Council Election; Choir Concert

23 - Sandy Lake

24 - TL Retreat

25 - Senior Reunion

26 - Field Day

27 - Campus PDH Day