By: Elana Johnson

What is "Possession" about?

Possession is about a girl named Vi. Vi is a good girl, but sometimes breaks the rules. she gets caught one evening with her match (a.k.a. person the government forces you to marry), outside of her city. It's illegal to be outside of your city,none the less past curfew, and it's illegal to be with a boy,ALONE, past curfew. She gets put in Jail and meets a guy named Jag. Jag has been in jail for almost a year. Vi and Jag have to share a cell. Vi and Jag don't like each other, but they get to know each other better and they discover things about themselves.read Possession to read Vi's about journey.


+ Vi (a.k.a Violet)- Main character. Has short,spiky,black hair with blue tips. She is very determined, and doesn't like when people tell her what to do.

+ Jag- The boy from jail. Has black hair, short, spiky hair. Is very tan, and muscular. He is brave and strong. Likes to read.

+ Zenn- Vi's match. Has short brown hair. is in training to be the Directors assisstant.

+ Thane- The Director( president) of everywhere.

+ Thinkers - People who are in charge of deciding people's fate,and tell citizens what to do.

I didn't like how the book left in a cliffhanger,but I did like the book. I do recommend this book to teen girls, because this story is from Vi's point of view. I give this book five stars.


1) Vi doesn't know what to think about Jag

2) Vi knowing who her father is

3) Vi and Jag trying to escape from the Thinkers