New Beckham

By: Will E


My Country is in the southern part in the continent. One of my surrounding country's is Weaseltion.

Climate, Physical Features and Natural Resources

My country’s climate, physical features and natural resources are like no other country. First off, my climate is a temperate climate. A temperate climate is a climate that changes seasonally. There could be a cold winters, cool falls, hot summers and wets springs. Moving on, my country’s physical features are rocky, wet, wooded/forests and urban landscape. It’s good for outdoor enthusiasts that like to climb mountains, go camping and hiking. We also have good hunting seasons. If you're not an outdoor person, New Beckham has plenty of big and major cities to explore. We have a very urban landscape in our cities with tall buildings and skyscrapers. We have many natural resources. My natural resources are water, crops and forestry/ logging. This is good for trading lumber, crops and water to other countries for things that my country doesn't have.


My country is not that religious, but we have a few beliefs and customs. Our main belief it to treat each other with respect and to be honest so our country can continue to grow. We basically only eat food grown, raise or process in our country and other countries we trust. For example we grow wheat and corn. We raise goats, pigs, chickens and cattle. With sports, we actively watch and play in our country. We play sports like shuffleboard, basketball and soccer. During August we have a yearly shuffleboard tournament where teams from all over our country and other neighboring countries come to play and cheer on their favorite team. Our clothing is normal, we wear shorts and t-shirts during the summer and layers and coats in the winter.


Our economy is based on farming and industries that help feed, run, develop and entertain our country. We have banks, insurance companies, hospitals and sport stadiums. Our currency is dollars and cents. We developed a car that is more efficient at miles per gallon than most other cars. We import them to surrounding countries. Our jobs include farmers, bankers, business owners, doctors and teachers. Some goods we supply to other countries such as corn and wheat.


My government is an Oligarchy. My country chose that type of government because it seemed like it “separated the power’ more than any other government. We have our people take a vote of who is going to be on the group that makes decisions for our country. We have nine people voted in the group. They listen to the people and make decisions on what the people want.


My country was discovered by someone named Ben Beckham. He discovered our country in 1954. He came to the area to start his own town with his logging business. The country had a great amount of trees. The also saw the great amount of wildlife. My country has a great amount of llamas, weasels and orangutans. They saw all the lakes and rivers flowing all over the country. They also saw a lot of wildlife. Our most common animals are llamas, weasels and orangutans. But when he realized that no one had took over all the land. He claimed it all and built many towns around the whole country. He named the country after himself. Today, those little towns are now huge, bustling cities.

Country Flag

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Flag History

My flag history is when Ben Beckham discovered New Beckham. He made the Oligarchy, he said “it will be one voice and mind thinking together.” So that is where the one star comes from. The llama on the flag is our country's national animal is my country. So we decided to put it on our flag. We are very proud of llamas. There are three colors on our flag, green, yellow and blue. The green represents the forests. The blue represents the lakes and rivers. The yellow represents the sunlight beating down on our country.

Country Map

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