Role of women in society

Garret frye, Jarrod Mohmamd

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Role of women In Pakistan

In Pakistan women have greater control of domestic affairs, and have a great influence on decision making in the house. Women are very restricted on what the wear and where they can go. When women leave the house hold they often have to wear a shaw. They are also not allowed to work and have a greatly reduced level of education. Women often never leave the house and can only interact with other women in the family. They are often given the role of taking care of the house, children, and prepare meals.
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Role of women in the United States

Women in the United States have more rights here than women in Pakistan. Women here are allowed to work and have the same education of men. Women here in the United States aren't forced to wear a certain type of clothing and can leave the house when they like. They do not need permision to drive and can go wherever they like. The can socialize with whoever they want when ever they want. They don't have arranged marriage. Wages don't change for women here.