A Child Called "It" By Dave Pelzer

Created by: Jaylin Wunschel

A Child Called "It" is about the author Dave when he was a kid. He was abused by his mother when she began to drink. She would hit him, burn him, poison him, even stab him, she would do things that no mother should do to there own child. When he would go to school he would have to go to the nurse so the nurse can note of any new markings on him. But they still didn't report it to the police. He would wear the same clothes everyday and the same shoes. He slept in the garage on a cot. His brothers got all of there mothers love while he got nothing. He would have to do chores in a certain time or else there was a punishment. Anything to not eating his brothers leftover cereal to getting slapped and beat. The only person he can trust anymore is his dad. But his dad doesn't do a very good time protecting Dave from his mother....

Favorite Quote

"Mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take away my will to somehow survive."

Quote from a reviewer

"The descriptions were so real you felt as if you lived thru the pain yourself. Its a definite must read along with the rest of the series. But this book was the best of them all."