Engage and Learn August 20, 2015


Kid Snippets: "Pep Rally" (Imagined by Kids)

Amazing things happening!!

It amazes me every day to see how engaged and excited the students are to learn in your classrooms! Everyone is doing a great job and working at their own pace to integrate the technology they have in their classrooms! Keep up the great work!


Ms. Havens for finding DocHub extention for the chrome browser!! It is a PDF Writer! You can write on pdfs!! What a find and easy to use! It will not grade it for you but it is a step to what some of our teachers are looking for!! It will work on IPads chrome browser, Chromebooks, and Chrome Brower in Windows.

Mrs. Vamos for finding a way to engage her students using Prezi! She will be taking old powerpoints and make them come alive!! Super excited to see that happen.

Mr. Overmeyer and Mrs. Snyder for having their 2nd Graders attempt to log in for the first time into their Chromebooks. Although it was a slow start, the kids were engaged and will get better and faster as they go! Great!

Mr. Walker for using Today's Meet in the classroom in a discussion. Keeping the students engaged and on task!!

Mrs. Shively for helping me lead a training on IXL. Using her data allowed teachers to see how it could be utilized in the classroom.

Mrs. Ahlenius for reaching out and becoming a pro in Google Classroom :) She is doing great!


Culver: Monday and Thursday

Argos: Tuesday and Friday

Triton: Wednesday