The 9 @ FM9 Newsletter

September 2020

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The Rundown from Mr. Brown

Hello Jaguar families,

We are so excited that the first day of in-person school is almost here! We can't wait to see our students on Tuesday. We wanted to remind you of a few things before Tuesday morning.

The majority of this information is most pertinent to students who have elected the In-Person Learning Pathway; however, this is useful information for all students and families. We are hopeful we will be able to welcome everyone back to in-person learning this school year.

Please know our entire staff is here to help during this transition. The pace of our accelerated block schedule will take a bit of time for students to adjust to. We recommend students continue to embrace a proactive approach and encourage communication with their teachers if they are struggling in any way.

  • In-Person Student Schedules - Students, please check your schedule in Skyward Monday night. Take a screenshot of it or print a copy to bring with you.

    • Room numbers that start with a "9" mean your class is on the 9th-grade campus.
      • For classes that start with a 9, the next number will tell you if it is on the 1st floor or 2nd floor.
      • Example: Room 9105 is on the 9thgrade campus, 1st floor. Room 9205 is on the 9th-grade campus, 2nd floor.
      • If your room number starts with a 1 or 2, that means your class is located on the main FMHS campus.

    • Teachers and staff will be in the hallways on both campuses to help you find your way around and to your classes.
    • No tardies will be taken the first several days of school.

  • Bell Schedule - Starting Tuesday, September 8th, both In-Person and Virtual students will follow the same bell schedule, which is linked HERE and can be found on the FM9 website under Resources.
    • Virtual students will receive specific instructions regarding their weekly live sessions from their teachers.

  • Student Drop Off and Pick Up - Please reference the aerial picture in this month's newsletter.

  • School Supplies - Students, please bring your iPad fully charged; you will use it daily in most of your classes. Students should also have some general supplies (i.e.: pens, pencils, paper, etc..) Please bring what you need to be a successful learner. Teachers will let you know if any specific school supplies are required.

  • Lunch - Students will learn what lunch they have during 3rd period on the first day of in-person classes. Students might consider bringing their own lunch the first few days of school to avoid long lines in the cafeteria.
    • No Parent/Vendor (I.E: food delivery, UBER Eats, or Door Dash) are allowed.

  • Bus Routes - If you are looking for information regarding your child's bus stop location and pick-up/drop-off times, please visit the Transfinder site.

  • FMHS - Campus Procedures - Video, Please watch this video produced by FMHS administration as we mirror their procedures.
    • One difference is that 9th-grade students will be issued a temporary student ID during second period on the first day of school.
    • Students who have a first-period class on the FM9 campus should purchase their Grab and Go breakfast and take it to their first-period class to eat rather than eating in the cafeteria.

  • Student IDs - Picture days are scheduled for Monday, September 21st - Wednesday, September 23rd. All in-person students will get their picture taken and receive their new school IDs after we have taken new pictures.

  • LISD - A Look Inside Level Orange Video Resource

FM9 Learning Options

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In-Person Learning
First Day: Aug. 19 | Remote until Sept. 8

  • For students who DO want to attend school in-person when campus doors open (Sept. 8)
  • Student’s campus teachers will be the same for Remote and In-Person
  • In-person Learning experiences created by campus teachers are aligned to the expectations of the LISD curriculum utilizing traditional instructional resources
  • Families can choose to change to Virtual at the end of each 9 weeks
  • Technology will be provided, if needed

Virtual Learning
First Day: Aug. 19

  • For students who DO NOT want to attend school in-person
  • Students will be assigned an LISD Virtual Learning teacher for content support and virtual instruction
  • Virtual Learning experiences will be through Edgenuity and aligned to the expectations of the LISD curriculum
  • Families can choose to change to In-Person at the end of each 9 weeks
  • Technology will be provided, if needed
  • Virtual PLUS students will take some elective courses, not offered virtually, In-Person
  • Virtual classes are indicated on students' schedules with preceding "V" before the course title; (EX: V BIO PAP; V ALG I; V PERS FIT)

Parent Teacher Student Association



Membership is our only fundraiser for PTSA, so it is imperative that we get to maximize our membership. Joining the PTSA is one one of the best way to support students and staff at FM9. Our goal this 2020-2021 school year for Flower Mound HS & FM9 is 1,100 members.


Mrs. Harper's Classes' Treatment Agreements

This assignment allowed students to give input in setting the expectation for the classroom climate. The students were able to think about the environment in which they learn best and make suggestions for the classroom treatment agreement. They think about how to treat each other, about how to treat the classroom environment, about how they want to be treated by the teacher, and describe what the classroom environment will look like on a daily basis.


What is Self-Care?

•The need to pause….

•Listen to our bodies…..

•And take care of our needs...

Self care is about having a safe relationship with yourself; having self compassion.

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Return to School | Level Orange Resources


District Videos

FM9 Pickup & Drop-Off Loop

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Please allow additional time for pick-up and drop-off during the first few days.

Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus

The Flower Mound Ninth Grade Campus is a direct result of LISD’s Strategic Design. As students have the opportunity to attend core classes in a wonderful, engaging environment that is completely focused on supporting the transition to high school, FM9 students are encouraged to embody the spirit of Jaguar Pride. All students are invited to participate in the varied extracurricular activities, clubs, and courses that are available at both the Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus and Flower Mound High School.