Skagit Academy Tuesday Talk

October 19, 2021 - Week 7



AC grades 7-9 & 11/12

(No 10th grade)

Tue, Oct 26, 10:15am - Math

AC grades 9 & 12 only

Tue, Oct 26, 12:15pm - Science

LC, PREP, SYN grades 4-8

Wed, Oct 27, 10:15am - Math

LC, PREP, SYN grade 6 only

Wed, Oct 27, 12:15pm - Science

LC, PREP, SYN grades 4-8

Thu, Oct 28, 10:15am - ELA

AC grades 7-9 & 11/12

(No 10th grade)

Fri, Oct 29 10:15am- ELA


  • Be on time for your scheduled time(s)
  • Lunch 11:45am-12:15pm
  • Pick up at 11:45am (If NOT staying for lunch)
  • Pick up at 12:15pm (If staying for lunch)
  • Pick up from afternoon Science assessments is 1:30pm
  • Students will need to remain in test session for the duration of the timeframe (even if finished early)


  • A water bottle
  • Headphones/earbuds (if you would like to use your own, blue tooth will not work. SA will provide if needed)
  • Something quiet to do if finished early (students will not be allowed to use a cellular device for this)


Students can order on all days Tuesday through Friday, even if students are not staying for the whole day. Refer to lunch ordering process below.


  • ALL students grades 4-9 and 11/12 WILL BE ONSITE for assessments only.
  • No onsite classes or assessments for students in Kindergarten - 3rd, and 10th grade.
  • No regularly scheduled classes for all students (except for Musical Drama)


Musical Drama on Thursday, October 28, 8:30-10:30am


*If students are enrolled or have already taken an SVC math class and an SVC English class, they do not need to take the SBA in math and ELA. Please email if a student is interested in testing. If students have taken one and not the other, they should attend the appropriate test.


We will be administering the Health Youth Survey on November 5, 2021 to all students in grades 9-12.

*Our school is participating in the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey during fall 2021. *The Healthy Youth Survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, sexual behaviors, abuse, risk and protective factors, and access to school-based services. Survey results are used by schools, communities and state agencies to plan programs to support our youth and reduce their risks.

*Participation in the survey is voluntary and the students’ answers are anonymous. Most schools will be administering the survey online this year. No privacy issues were identified in the E-survey pilot conducted in 2019. This year, schools and districts are being instructed to disable any recording, keystroke tracking, and video capture software on school-issued devices used to take the survey. They are also going to instruct students to do the same on personal devices used to take the survey before they begin. If you use any software to monitor the device your student will use to take the survey, please turn it off before they begin to ensure their honest participation.

*If you would like to opt out your student, please contact

*Please read the Parent and Student Notification Letter for more information about the Healthy Youth Survey by viewing the letter below.

AC 7-12 Conferences: Sign Up Here & Note Zoom Links

There will be online conferences for students in AC 7-12 on Friday, October 22nd. The office will contact you if your student's teacher requests a conference or you can request one yourself. **There will be no onsite classes on this day.

Sign up for your conference(s) here (Zoom links provided as reference for conference day):

Anderson 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Cheney 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Czoberek 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Johnston 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Jones 10/22 Conference

McGehee 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Pasimio 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Semrau 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Walker 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:

Zimmerman 10/22 Conference Zoom Link:


Hello families,

We are so excited to be back on campus for in-person teaching and learning. Let's make every effort to keep it this way! Proper mask-wearing is an essential part of keeping our school doors open and being able to continue to remain in person.

Please speak with your students and remind them that masks must:

  • Be worn when on campus-

    • Masks should be well-fitted, and fully cover the nose and mouth at all times in classrooms

      • Students will be allowed mask breaks upon request

      • Students will be allowed to remove masks during lunch when seated 6 feet apart for 10-15 minutes

  • Be a cloth 2 ply or a medical mask-

    • No mesh masks

We ask that you and your students take these guidelines seriously. Any student who repeatedly cannot or will not wear a mask that complies with the state mask mandate will be sent home.

Masks should:

  • Be two or more layers
  • Fit snugly against the face, without gaps
  • Have a nose wire to fit around in order to prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask
  • Completely cover nose and mouth

Please contact Skagit Academy Staff if you need assistance in finding a well-fitting mask.

Dates to Remember

October 22: AC Conferences (No onsite for AC students)

October 25: Teacher Professional Development (No School)

October 26-29: State assessment week (Spring '21 makeup)

November 11: Veteran's Day (No School)

November 24: Early release (Noon dismissal)- Core classes on a shortened schedule. No K-8 electives.

November 25-26: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 20-31: Winter Break (No School)

January 3: First day back to school in 2022!

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)

What is on the Lunch Menu? And How Do I Order?

CLICK HERE: Skagit Academy Lunch Menu

Menu is subject to change at any time.

TO ORDER: Please specify if you are ordering just for that day or if you would like to have a recurring order on specific days of the week. Email: AND (at the same time).

Lunch is FREE for everyone this school year!

Absence Reporting

When your student is going to be absent for the day, please notify the school using this link:

DO NOT CALL. DO NOT EMAIL. Please report online using the above link rather than emailing or calling the office staff. Thank you!

Fill out an Extended Absence Form for your student(s) if they will be away for more than one week. Submit the form BEFORE you leave. This will help your students stay on track. CLICK HERE: Pre-Arranged Absence Form